Woodside escorts think that everyone should have safe sex.

Practicing safe sex is not very difficult, and we should all follow the rules of safe sex. Woodside escorts of are perfectly right when they say that everyone should have sex. But the question is – why don’t we have safe sex? Some of the Woodside escorts that I spoke to say that a lot of young people in particular don’t have safe sex. Woodside escorts are concerned young people and teens often rush into sexual relationships without considering the consequences of unsafe sex. It is not only Woodside escorts who are concerned, many doctors and health care workers are also concerned about our casual attitude towards sex.

Reasons you should have safe sex

There are quite a few reasons why you should have safe sex, and make safe sex a habit, and we are going to cover two of them.


Unwanted pregnancy is one of the reasons you should have safe sex. It is hard to believe, but many pregnancies are still as a result of unsafe sex. This is not such a problem when it comes to adult but in teens and young adults, it is still a fairly common problem. The UK has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in the developed world, and it is very costly. Some young women still find themselves pregnant at the age of 15, and are forced to stay at home to look after baby when they should be going to school. Sometimes this is the start of a vicious circle, and some of these women will never go to work or back to school. They will stay at home and look after baby after baby and get everything paid for by the state. To me, this doesn’t sound like a very good idea and is not really fair to tax payers. Surely, girls should by now want a little bit more out of life?


HIV is only of the infections which are spread by unsafe sex. There are many others as well, and they include chlamydia, herpes or gonorrhea. Chlamydia is now very common, and it is estimated that a lot of young people have it without even knowing. Symptoms of chlamydia can be elusive and sometimes it is not discovered until you visit the doctor with a urinary infection. Some women even mistake for thrush and treat themselves for thrush. Chlamydia is serious and can lead to problems with fertility and many other health problems in the future. Sex education in school does talk about sexual diseases but it tends to often brush over them. However, both parents and teachers should make more of a point of teaching young people about sexual health. Having safe sex and using condoms should be encouraged by both parents and teachers, and we mustn’t be afraid of talking about this sensitive subject with our young people. Safe sex is more important than it has ever been, and new infections are being introduced into the environment all the team. Sexual health and safe should not only be on the school agenda, adults should take time out to learn a bit more about it as well.…

Tips to Have Maximum Pleasure with a Professional Escort

If you are always a lonely chap then you have probably thought of seeking the services of a professional London escort. They are well trained and know exactly how to give pleasure to the client. But sex is a give and take action and the better both parties are the more pleasurable sex becomes. So here is a look at some of the tips you need to consider when you have sex with a professional escort to have the best experience.

Be consistent with your pace

Escorts know the best places to touch and the right moves to make. But you can also be part of the fun if you are consistent with your pace. This helps her receive maximum pleasure. The biggest mistake people make when having sex is rushing things just to reach a goal. This may be fine to you but it certainly isn’t to your escort. So you can start off with foreplay then let her senses warm up before you can drive your dick into her wet pussy. The escort will be able to focus more on the act and not just the money she will make after the sex. She will soon follow the pace and enjoy the consistency.

Use lubricants

Natural lubrication may not do the trick and you may need more than just that. If you are planning to call in a professional escort, make sure you have your lubricants nearby. You don’t want to stop in the heat of the moment to reach in a drawer to pull it out. So if the lubricants will be lying right next to you, the break in the intensity will be minimal and this will increase the pleasure in you and the escort.

Use your hands

There is power in your hands when handling a professional escort. When having sex, make sure you always switch to positions that will allow you to stimulate her clitoris with your hands. This is why it is so important to always have lubricants next to you. You don’t want to use dry hands.

Dab a small amount of the lubricant on your finger and massage her clitoris while you still pound her. She will easily get to orgasm if you are persistent. So it is not that hard to please an escort the same way it is not hard for her to please you.…