Happiness is what you make it

By | March 5, 2021

Over the last year, a lot has happened in my life. I feel that I have learned a lot of about life and what it should really be like. A year ago, I was working in this seedy lap dance club in North London when I met the owner of London escorts. He said that I was a really stunning girl and that I would do well at his escorts agency. At first I was not sure at all, but after meeting a couple of the girls at the agency, I radically changed my mind. I noticed that they were not struggling at all while I was struggling to pay the rent.


In the end, I said yes and started at London escorts a few weeks later. Okay, I went through some tough times. My boyfriend and I split up, but that was okay. He was kind of dodgy anyway and I thought that he might get me into trouble. At the moment, I don’t have a boyfriend at all, but that is okay. I get all of the attention that I need at London escorts. I have been able to build up a really nice dating diary and I like all of my gents that I meet up with at the agency.


Most of my gents really spoil me and that adds to the pleasure. At first, I did not think that working for London escorts was going to be this good, but it is really a good job. My gents give me all sorts of presents. Some of my gents have given me things like designer handbags and nice jewellery. Now when I go shopping I look the business and I have not that people in shops treat me totally different. I went shopping in Harrods the other week, and the lady was really nice to me on the perfume counter.


To be fair, I think that chucking in my job at the club in Romford was one of the best things that I have ever done. At first it did feel really strange meeting lots of gents on a personal basis, but now I am used to it. Lots of the dates that I have at London escorts are just really lonely gents. That does not bother me at all and many of them are just looking for a sexy companion. If you act like a genuine girlfriend, you get it back many times over.


I always try to be really genuine and that is my personal strength. Many of the gents say that I feel like I am their girlfriend for the short time they are with me at London escorts. That is great and that is what I am trying to achieve. Some of the girls are super sexy and just to full on. I have noticed that many of them have less dates than I do, so I think that doing it my way works. I always have a full dating diary and I like my regulars. They have sort of become friends and I think that they feel that way about me. What is they say these days – friends with benefits? That certainly works for me, and I really do enjoy my London escorts benefits.

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