Twin Trinity Media, LLC has a variety of specialty projects for which we are seeking author submissions. We do not accept full-novel manuscript submissions from authors. Our platform is to help authors launch writing careers through short stories, creative non-fiction essays, and how-to informational guides. We also hope to bring quality reading to those who love fiction, creative non-fiction, or who are interesting in improving their lives, crafting, learning a trade or skill, or more. We deliver quality, bite-sized portions of tasty fiction and creative non-fiction to whet the reading appetite.

To that end, we offer advances and royalty-paying contracts to authors, as well as hosting a series of writing contests with publication and cash prizes and free books for the winners. Our digital download lines also lets authors who enjoy writing short stories find a platform for publishing their shorts, building and audience and readership, with the support of a small-press publisher providing editing, cover art, formatting, uploading, and promotional assistance, all at no cost to the author. TTM, LLC pays royalties, using a standard EPIC recommended digital publishing contract, and the author never pays a penny out of pocket for any of our services.

If you’re interested in submitting to TTM, LLC, please take a look at our projects, find the one that suits your needs, and submit. We look forward to reading what you have to write.


Unsent Letters: Basic or themed Unsent Letters submissions. We are currently open to submissions for both the blog and the book. Please visit our website at for submission guidelines prior to submitting here. Please do not use this option if you want to submit to Unsent Confessions and remain anonymous. Pays $10-250 per letter, considered for both the Unsent Letters blog and the various themed books.

Unsent Confessions: Here is where you can anonymously submit an Unsent Confession letter. When choosing this option, simply use a made-up email address and upload your file. Remember, Unsent Confessions do not pay, but you can remain completely anonymous, even to us this way. Be sure there’s no identifying information in your letter, including names, locations, etc. Thank you for sharing your Unsent Confessions with us.

Twin Trinity Digital Downloads: Short stories prepared as individual digital downloads. If accepted, your short story, in any genre, between 3000-25,000 words, will be professionally edited, formatted and prepared for publication with Smashwords, Kindle, nook, Apple iStore, PDF on the TTM website, and promoted in our digital catalogue, as well as other online websites. We pay 70/30 royalties, in favor of the author, with small advances.

Twin Trinity Triplets: These are a new project for TTM, so we haven’t launched them yet, but we’re looking for authors to write three related but different short stories that we would put together in a single-author novella or novellette format, but with three shorts from the same author in the same genre. For example, three romances, three horror stories, three science fiction stories, all in one compilation.

Recipes & Recovery: We are still working on the details of this project, so check back soon (Probably in 2012) for more updates.

TTM Erotic Anthology: This will be an annual one-book per year erotic anthology, provided we get enough submission to do one annually. Otherwise, we will compile them until we have enough quality and connected erotic shorts to produce a full book, then we will being production on the next erotic anthology. This anthology pays advances for the story and authors will share royalties. You can purchase our first Erotic Anthology: RENDEZVOUS: From Passionate Pens.

TTM Horror Anthology: From psychological horror to blood and guts, our horror anthologies are sure to spook and strike fear, but only if you submit your quality horror story for consideration. Like our erotic anthology, we will do one per year or will compile them until we have enough to produce a quality full-length anthology. This anthology pays advances for the story and authors will share royalties.

Accentuate Writers Short-Story Contests: These contests are currently on hold, but should return before the end of this year. Stay tuned here for more information.

We accept submissions for all our projects through Submishmash. You can click here for more information.