TTM’s Authors

Below, you will find a list of authors and poets who have been published in TTM’s anthologies and collections. Where appropriate, we have linked to their websites and/or blogs. You can read more about our authors, including interviews with them, on the TTM Books website.

Jennifer Walker
Farah Evers
Lisa Lee Smith
Lilah Harding
Michael Noved
Robert L. Arend
Rissa Watkins
Andi Caldwell
Thomas Forthe
Terrie Schultz
Nancy Smith Gibson
Gillian Taber
Shannon Lausch
Michelle Devon (Michy) – TTM Managing Editor
Perk Daddy
Shonda Folsom
Cleon Lee
Jo Brielyn
Steven Thor Gunnin
Susan Sosbe
Lucinda Gunnin
Daniel Thrasher
Cathy Graham
George Kramer
Lindsay Maddox
M. Lori Motley
L.L. Darroch
Angee Stonehouse
Bobbi Leder
Derek Odom
John Morrison
Linda St.Cyr
Melina Lowry
Luci Cosway
Tomo Shijo
Jaden Devlin
Melissa Lawrence
Ella Eidolon
Trixie Stone
Donna Thacker
Craig Prescott
Inoko Clan-Clan
Lynn Hunter
Cleon Lee
Stephen Effington
Marcia Calame
Joan H Young
TTM’s Poet Page

  • Susan Sosbe
  • Randy Barefoot
  • Felicity Tillack
  • Jennifer Wright
  • Andi Caldwell
  • Jo Brielyn
  • Laurie Darroch-Meekis
  • Johnny Carpenter
  • Lisa Lee Smith
  • Lucinda Gunnin
  • And more…..