Feel Good Moment – Reader Appreciation

When I read a book written by Cody McFadyen, I was grabbed by the throat and dragged across the pages. I didn’t want to put it down, couldn’t stop reading it. That doesn’t happen to me a lot anymore, so I was very pleased when his publicist sent me a hard back copy of his next novel to review. I am hoping it is as wonderful as the first. In case you haven’t read it, the name of the book is The Face of Death. Read it. It’s good.

So then, I started reading another book for a book review, an unedited proof copy of the book When You Went Away, a new book by Michael Barron, due to be released soon. I like this book. It’s good. While there’s a sad premise to it–lead character’s wife died and his daughter ran away, leaving him to raise an infant son by himself–it’s sort of a ‘feel good’ book. As much as I like it, it isn’t dragging me across the pages.

That’s when it hit me. I want to write books that drag people through the pages.

I remember when I was younger, before I started writing seriously, when reading was my favorite hobby. There were some books I would pick up and could read a little at a time, and other books I would stay awake all night long reading, bleary-eyed, exhausted, head nodding over and jerking awake but couldn’t force myself to put the book down.

THAT’S the type of books I want to write.

So the other day, on a whim, I send my manuscript of my book What Brothers Do to Rissa. I figured in a week or so, I’d ask her what she thought of it, maybe take her suggestions to heart and make some edits or something, just in case. I woke the next morning after sending it to her with an IM offline message reading: “Damn you, Michy…” among other things. Time stamp: four something in the morning.

Apparently, she hadn’t intended to read my book right away, and she surely hadn’t intended to stay up all night reading it, but apparently, she found it hard to put down. She stayed up all night, until well after 4 am, reading MY book. Apparently, my book also made her cry, something she claims rarely happens.


Do you have any idea how good that feels to have someone say that, feel that way, about something you’ve written?

It was a spark to my passion again, the passion that always burns for writing, but it sparked it up and flamed it again. I’ve been going through and tweaking things here and there, but the manuscript really was ready to submit to agents, which is what I’ve been doing. Hearing her thoughts on it just confirmed what I knew but needed a confidence boost in: this is a good book.

Now, I just need to find an agent who can see that from a short query.

While this one is being passed out to my A-list agents, I continue working on the next manuscript, Accepting Aimee, and of course, IDENTIFY is still hanging around in the background.  Of course, all the others lingering in my head and yapping at me when I’m trying to sleep.

I am a writer. It’s not what I do; it’s who I am!

God, I love this!

Okay, so anyway, thank you to Rissa for letting feel a little bit what I hope to feel as soon as the right agent and then the right publisher figures out that my writing is worth it!

So thanks to you all for letting me rambling on my blog here today. Thanks even more to Rissa for reminding me of my dream.

Now, back to the Suite101 Challenge tonight!

Love and stuff,