Accentuate Writers Short Story Contest Science Fiction Winners

The Accentuate Writers Short Story Contest was hard to judge for the science fiction theme. It seems obvious to me that science fiction is likely one of the most difficult genres for writers to get into the flow writing. I know this from my own experiences writing science fiction story lines, because it takes a lot of plotting and designing to make it accurate, believable.

We had some good stories this time that seemed to have trouble really working the science fiction aspect into it. In fact, I’d say that we had more science fiction type entries in the ‘Future’ theme than we did on this one. That said, we did have some good entries. One entry we received had a great story for a pre-teen/children’s story, but unfortunately, our anthologies are for an adult audience, even if our writing is not necessarily of an ‘adult’ nature.

I want to make it very clear to everyone that some of the things *I* look for in selecting the final winners after the judges have scored the entries is the adherence to things I’ve discussed in my editing blogs. These things in particular include using the word ‘got’ frequently outside of dialogue, saying things like “graduated high school” (click here to find out why), many extraneous ‘thats’ (I let a few of them slide), or other things I specifically have taken the time to write. Be sure to scan the blogs now and again and make sure you’re not letting those things pop into your writing when entering the AWF contests.

Now, without any further pattering, I give you the winners of the Accentuate Writers Short Story Science Fiction Contest:

Third place: David and the Outside, by Robert Arend

SECOND PLACE REMOVED – New Winner will be Selected

And our first place winner:

Brain Restoration, by Daniel Thrasher!

This time, we also decided on an Editor’s Pick to include in the anthology. The only reason this story wasn’t picked as a winner is because we and the judges felt that while it was somewhat supernatural in nature, it did not fit the definition of science fiction, being defined as a literary work that shows how science or technology affects, shapes or society or an individual pertinent to the story.

However, we do feel the story will make a great addition to the anthology that includes fantasy, science fiction and reality, and so we are offering an Editor’s Pick inclusion for the story: Dead Brother, by TexasRed (we don’t have permission yet to post her full name, but we’re working on it for the book!)

So congratulation to you four winners who will be the final story inclusions for this anthology, wrapping up another quarter of Accentuate Writers Short Story Contests.

For now, we have the Birth Theme that closed this week and we still have Life and Death themes pending for the next anthology to bring together the anthology: Elements of Life – Birth, Life, Death. The next set of themes will be Elements of Love – First Love, The Engagement, The Wedding. This will round out 2009 in style. To check out our themes, click here.

On Monday, we will be announcing the poetry winners that will be included in the current anthology, which includes Fantasy, Reality, Science Fiction and is entitled Elements of Dimension. And of course, we have Elements of the Soul pending, which is due out any day now and has already been set up on Amazon (should have a link very soon) and Elements of Time

If you are interested in entering the Accentuate Writers Short Story Contest, have a chance at winning a cash prize and a publishing contact, free books, free merchandise, and a shot of getting your name on the cover of a gorgeous book, all you have to do is click here and read the submission guidelines and enter!

If you’d like to see what some folks are saying about the Accentuate Writers Short Story Contests and the Accentuate Writers Forum, check out this page.

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To all the winners and everyone who entered the contest this time, thank you for making the contests so much fun, giving me and the judges great stories to read, and having the confidence to submit your writing for judging. It’s never easy to do, and you are all winners just for taking that step!

I look forward to reading what you have to write!

Love and stuff,