Laundrymat vs. Laundry Mat Vs. Laundromat

This is another one of those little nit picky peeves of mine, when I hear someone say, “Laundrymat.”

Back in the ’50s or so, the name ‘laundromat’ was used to mean an ‘automatic’ laundry, a place to automatically do your laundry. Generally speaking, Word will capitalize Laundromat, but the lexicon doesn’t require capitalization of the word.

The word was termed this way in reference to the automated ‘automat’ restaurants, where food was purchased through special vending machine type servers.

It is important to note that the word is: laundromat, when you are referring to a place to go to wash your clothes where you pop quarters into machines to do it.

It is not a laundrymat or a laundry mat. It is Laundromat or laundromat.

That’s today’s editing tip.

Love and stuff,