This is Michy and I'm 67% Serious!

So I was reading this ad earlier… it might have been an ad, but it might have been spam. Let’s say it was probably 70% spam and 30% ad.

Anyway, the ad/spam said: “This is Melanie and I’m 100% serious!”

Are you sure, Melanie? Is it possible you might only be 90% serious? Could it be that perhaps you are truly only 82% serious?

Is seriousness even a measurable, calculatable thing?

And what’s up with the political ads on TV saying, “This is so and so and I approve this message.”

Now, being the ex law school wanna be reformed, I realize that someone, somewhere sued a candidate at some point and he came back and said, “That was my campaigners, and I never approved their use of the message.”

So now, we have to listen to them say they approve their message.

Like no one on the internet has EVER dubbed a voice in over a video where it doesn’t belong.

Do you REALLY? think that makes me feel better about the content of the ad, really?

I also love the announcers who talk really, really fast at the end of an advertisement, you know, like on the car ads. “Manufacturers as;dflkj asdfkja;dskasd flakdjpoqiweurpiobnqwer peiowrqjpeodifvzxd [piodfgvjapsdfiq[padsf, mumble whisper, sale.”

No one ever listens to what he says anyway, so why does he have to say it?

Maybe that’s why I quit law school. There’s some ludicrousness to the whole ‘legal arena’.

Loopholes, small print, legalese, fine print, fast talk, sign this, dotted line, sue for my chicken Mc.Nuggets not being cooked enough, even though they are precooked before they even get to the store for that very reason!

I read the case, the real, whole legal case of the woman who sued McDonald’s for the coffee being too hot. I know you guys have heard the jokes, the laughing about it – but did you read the case? She had THIRD DEGREE burns. Do you know how hot that coffee would have to be to have third degree burns? First degree, maybe second, I see, but third degree, peeling skin, blistered burns on her?

The case isn’t cut and dried, and while they did find her partially culpable, Micky D’s was partially culpable too, and while she may not have deserved a huge, gigantic retire-for-life award from the courts, she sure did deserve some compensation for medical bills there.

It’s not always simple. It’s not always as funny as it seems.

People suing fast food joints for making them fat.. give me a break!

I eat a lot of creme brulee cheesecake and I’m pleasantly plump and full and curvey.. should I sue HEB for making that cheesecake that I just can’t resist?

I know, in the award, they can give me a lifetime supply of cheesecake for free.

That’ll fix me right up.

And people wonder why I quit law school.

Love and 102% stuff,