I wanted to write something brilliant this morning.

I wake most mornings wanting to write something brilliant.

There are days though when I simply would hope to write something with words in an order the somewhat resemble English and make a little bit of sense.

But this morning, I wanted to write something brilliant.

And so I sat here, staring at the blank text field, waiting for brilliance to strike me.

While I waited, I thought I would share my observations with you.

First, I found it weird that with the new blog categories that Myspace added, we still do not have a blog category about family and/or kids. We can blog about our pets, but apparently not our kinfolk. We can blog about blogging, but family is not a category.

I suppose we could put family under life, but quite frankly, my family often makes me feel rather brain dead, so I’m not sure that’s the right category for it.

Next, I noticed the current moods are no longer alphabetized.

Do you know what that does to my ADD brain? Come on, Tom, how am I supposed to know how I feel if the moods aren’t alphabetized for easy picking? I might end up leaving my mood blank or my brain may explode because I couldn’t pick a mood. If Myspace doesn’t tell me what kind of mood I’m in, I don’t know how to plan my day accordingly!

Then, while waiting for brilliance to descend upon me, I wondered why, even though the vacuum was in the middle of the living room floor, no one had bothered to actually vacuum the floor.

I’m also wondering this morning why the puppy is barking at the front door. I’ve actually gotten up twice to see what is out there, but he’s just barking at ghosts I guess.

Have you ever wished the refrigerator would come when you call it?

I do.


Other times, I’m glad it doesn’t, or else my house and I would be competing for space.

Sometimes, being lazy has its advantages.

I’m also thinking about the Benefiber commercial with the girl wearing all white except for a green feathery boa around her neck – blond, probably British from the look of her. I’m trying to figure out how showing us her ass, and a fine ass it is to be sure, in a pair of tight white pants and having her drink a glass of water with fiber is supposed to sell the product?

While I will agree that sex sells most things, I really find nothing sexy or attractive about fiber. Fiber does not turn me on. Fiber does not, in fact, yank my chain.

However, in their defense, someone not getting enough fiber does not present a pretty picture of human attractiveness.

I guess, all in all, pretty girls are good to look at, but I really don’t want to think about their colon when I see gratuitous shots of their ass.

What’s hard to understand about that?

(crickets chirping)

(locusts buzzing)

(someone snoring)

Well, I tried for nearly an hour and brilliance did not, in fact, strike me, so I guess I will have nothing brilliant to write this morning. Instead, I guess I’ll go hop in the shower.

When I’m finished hopping, I might stop and actually bathe too.

(pause – blink blink – pause)

I had a thought there for a moment and in the middle of formulating how to put it into words, it escaped me. The thought is now a fugitive, so please, if you happen to run into it today, beware it is not armed but it should be considered dangerous.

Have a great morning… that’s an order. However, you are allowed to decide for yourself what type of afternoon to order… and apparently, when you do so, you will not be able to choose it in alphabetical order.

Love and stuff,,