Political Apathy

I read an article today talking about Palin not being a good mom, because she doesn’t have time to spend with her children due to her career. I’ll say I’ve never heard anyone say that about a male presidential candidate, but I guess that’s not the point.

What WAS the point?

Oh, I suppose some could argue that if you can’t take care of business at home, then you can’t take care of business at work. However, I know that’s not true, from personal, first-hand experience. Some people I’ve known in my life are brilliant in their jobs but suck at their personal life.

I guess for me, it comes down to this: the fact that Palin is or is not a good mom, will that in any way change the price of gas?

Is that selfish? You betcha, it is.

I don’t give a rat’s ass what a president or vice president does in their personal life. When the Clinton sex stuff came up, I laughed my butt off over it, especially since the comedians had some great fodder on that one, but I never really thought it made an impact on his ability to do the job he was ‘hired’ by votes to do. Did he lie? Sure.

Should a president lie to the American people?

Uh huh, he should.

What? you ask.

Yeah, he sometimes should. There are just some things we, the people, do not need nor really want to know. There are more things we don’t want others to know, and if we know it, since we really don’t live in a magical dome, they know it too. Lie? Yeah.

Sucks, huh?

So I don’t really care who is having sex with whom, or who is impregnated by whom, or who is a good mother or father. I don’t care if the president, male or female, wears pantyhose and lipstick or was in labor on an airplane. Well, I would biologically be interested in a male pregnant and in labor, whether on an airplane or not, but I’m digressing again.

I really don’t care who has the most experience either, since my life has taught me that the most experienced is sometimes the worst pick for the job.

All I selfishly care about is, how is it going to affect ME and MY FAMILY.

And no one can tell me that.

Seriously, no one can tell me that. The closest anyone can come to it is making promises, and those almost never come to fruition, so why do we still believe in the speeches and the platforms and the debates?

I wanted to care. I tried so hard to care. I read all the articles popping up, because you can’t hardly read anything on the internet right now without it being political in nature. I read them. I read them and I still don’t care. In fact, ater reading them, I find I almost care even less than I did before, and I thought I couldn’t care less!

I have medication that costs 3200 bucks per prescription for a one-month supple. I have medical bills this year alone upwards of 40,000 bucks, and some people don’t even make that much in a year. Will either candidate be paying my medical bills for me?

I want to move to Austin, but I’m so entrenched in medical stuff here and with my health that a move would be difficult at best at this point. Will either candidate find me new doctors in Austin and then hire the mover, coordinate that, find us a place to live there, and then unpack and decorate a new home? (Preferably on the lake. With windows. Will either candidate clean windows?)

If I don’t like something one of them does once they are in office, will either candidate take my phone call and listen to my constructive criticism?

Will either candidate do anything at all that is going to directly affect me in the immediate time frame that will benefit or hurt me either way?

Nope, they won’t. They can’t.

And worse yet, they really don’t have the power to do much else that will benefit or hurt me in the future. The course is set. Pay attention to politics and you will learn the president isn’t in charge anyway.

…and it damned sure isn’t ‘the people’ who are in charge.

And I figure, if I live long enough, I will see a country where I could be arrested for posting this blog, where I could be held as a terrorist for writing my current work in progress, my novel Identify, where stepping outside of my front door could be lethal… more than it is now, different than it is now.

And it makes me sad.

So I try not to think about it.

But it’s everywhere I turn.

And I just…




It will not be the democrats or the republicans or the libertarians or the independents or big business or big government or industry or corruption or or or….

… it won’t be any of these things that destroys what was once such a great country.

It will be apathy.

Love and stuff,