Prostitution is Already Legal

Let’s talk about prostitution.

While many may consider prostitution to be a ‘woman’ thing, I need to point out here that men can be prostitutes too. Keep that in mind as I ramble here.

First, I have to tell you that I personally feel that prostitution should not be illegal.

Please note, I did not say that prostitution should be legal either. What I believe is that there should be no laws whatsoever that control or limit or regulate how, when, why human beings who are adults and can consent should have sex.

I know many of you will come up with, “But what about the exploitation of women? Pimps, etc?…”

To that, I clearly say to make the exploitation itself illegal.

Leave the sex part alone.

It’s not any of your business whom I have sex with, and it surely isn’t the business of the government.

I have to be honest with you. In my past, I’ve had sex with people where I’ve wished soon after (or even during) that I had not done it. I’ve had sex with people in the past for some really stupid reasons – and I can’t help but think that making a little money for having sex might not have been smarter than some of the reasons I DID choose to have sex back when I was young and stupid.

I mean, I would have been having sex anyway – at least the other way, I’d have been paying the bills, right?

But I digress….

Alas, I’m here to tell you that while streetwalking or running a brothel or prostitution ring/house is currently illegal (in most places), prostitution itself, in the truest sense of the word, is actually legal.

Let me explain.

Oh, you just knew I would, didn’t you?

About 10 years ago, I had a friend whom I’ll call Kay. Kay was an attractive woman, slender but not skinny-full and curvey, pretty face, nice hair, properly sized boobies – yup, the men and a lot of women liked Kay.

She also had a pretty great personality too.

The problem is, Kay really didn’t see that in herself. She was unhappy, depressed even, and honestly didn’t like herself very much.

Three times divorced and with three kids, one from each husband, Kay worked a job that paid only $7.00 per hour, but lived in a townhome that the rent cost about $1200 per month (which is quite expensive around my neck of the woods), and she drove a brand new Ford Explorer (I think). Green – it was nice.

Now, Kay wasn’t a prostitute in the traditional sense of the word.

She didn’t make deals or exchange money for sex, per se.

But in my mind, she was a prostitute.

You see, whenever money would get tight and she’d need something, she’d kissey kissey up to her ex husband, and he’d move back in with her, they’d have sex, he’d catch up all her bills for her, stock the house with groceries, take her to buy new clothes and out to dinners…

And then as soon as all the bills were caught up, she’d pick a nasty fight with him and kick him out. He’d stay gone for 3-6 months and then they’d repeat the cycle all over again.

In my mind, this is prostitution – Kay admitted to doing this on purpose, but figured if her ex was stupid enough to fall for it, then she was entitled. Just because no actual cash in exchange for sex changed hands each time they did it, it doesn’t change the fact that Kay prostituted herself for money – plain and simple.

In between her fights with her ex, she’d have sex with other men in exchange for a nice dinner out or a weekend trip or a shopping spree – you’d be surprised the things a man will pay for sex with eye candy.

But again, I’ll digress.

I had another friend who did something similar, but she used the guilt method – she’d get a man into bed and begin giving him the best oral sex he’d ever had, but in the middle of it, just when the man was really about to blow, no pun intended, she’d start a crying act – no lie here – about how she can’t concentrate on the blow job because she was so worried about how she was going to make her bills, pay her car payment so she could go to work, buy food for her kids, etc, so on and so forth, etc some more.

The man, laying there with a raging hard on, really had no choice but to offer to make things better if he wanted her to make things better.

Over the course of the two years that I associated with this woman, she repeated this routine successfully on 18 out of 21 men. Some men simply aren’t that stupid and actually can think with something other than their penises.

However, the vast majority would say or do anything for sex with a hot chick.

No offense to you REAL men who are on my list.

In my mind, this is a clear cut case of legal prostitution – giving up sexual favors in exchange for some sort of monetary compensation.

Morally, there are many reasons why this may be wrong, and it certainly does nothing to build either party up – but legally, there is nothing wrong with this type of prostitution. So why not just allow the parties to cut out the emotional blackmail involved and instead just call it what it is – prostitution – and save the guilt and emotional hardship and just say, “Blow job for 50 bucks?”

There were times in my distant, distant past where I would scour my house looking for anything worth value to take to the pawn shop to get enough money to pay the bills. If my body is a commodity, it’s really up to me whether I should use it to make a buck. Trust me on this, I lost some very sentimental and personal items to pawn shops that if given the choice, I would have given the blow job for the money any day.

Bad? Yeah, perhaps… but I was once that broke.

Thank God I’m not now… but you’d be amazed what someone will do to make ends meet when determined.


But there is one other type of prostitution I want to discuss today that perhaps isn’t really prostitution per se, but I want to discuss it anyway.

Selling yourself, your body, your sex for cash is one thing.

But what about those who metaphorically sell themselves in exchange for non-monetary consideration.

I am aware of two people I know right now, though admittedly I don’t know them well because they don’t really let people in like that, who are physically unattractive. It’s not about traditional beauty – it’s more about not caring about themselves enough to make themselves presentable. Both are also morbidly obese and one to the point where it’s affecting her health.

The other one tries to hide her lack of physical attractiveness behind unflattering clothing, way too much makeup, and absolutely artificially colored hair that LOOKS artificially colored, except, she doesn’t keep up with it, so it’s a half blonde/half brown stringy, greasy mess.

Both of these women are in relationships that are less than appealing with men who are total assholes and treat them accordingly. It’s sad to see how unhappy they truly are while professing that they are soooo much in love. Trust me, these men are hardly the lovable types.

One calls her names, drinks a lot, and screws around with other women frequently. She spends most of her time in tears, miserable, but when you ask her why she stays she says, “But I love him.”

THAT is not my definition of love at all.

The other one is in a relationship with someone who never touches her, is not violent, but is very angry most of the time and says some pretty ugly things to her, they fight constantly, usually both screaming at the top of their lungs. When you ask her why she stays she says, “I love him.”

Again, THAT is not how love looks to me.

In the end, I have to say the reason I thin
they both stay is because they do not truly believe inside of them that 1) they can do any better or 2) that they DESERVE any better.

This, to me, is the ultimate form of prostitution – selling not only your body, but your heart, your very soul, just so you are not ‘alone’, allowing yourself to be degraded, hurt, and unhappy, while trying to convince yourself it’s all in the name of love.

THAT is the form of prostitution that should be illegal in my mind.

I’d much rather sell my sex to pay my mortgage than to sell my soul just so there’s another body hanging around and I’m not ‘alone’.

You see, I’ve been in bad relationships. I can tell you beyond a doubt that being alone is preferable, even better, than being in a relationship that makes one miserable or borders on abusive.

Settling for less than respect, love, mutual admiration and friendship is the worst form or prostitution there is. THAT is the form of prostitution that should be illegal.


So today’s question – really two of them:

1) Do you think prostitution, that is, selling sexual favors in exchange for cash or real property of monetary value, should be legal or illegal – and why?


2) Do you think it’s possible for someone to ‘prostitute’ themselves in non-monetary ways?