Remember Your Passion

Most of us, when we started writing, did not say, “Oh, I want to be a rich and famous writer some day.”

Most of us started writing because we loved to write.

We never considered doing it for a living. While we might have had dreams of selling a novel one day, I think even then, most of us never really thought of making a life out of writing.

We lived to write. We didn’t write to live.

Now, I write full time for a living…

Where is the passion that was once there? Where is the ‘living to write’ feeling?

It started with Susan asking me about how to deal with the rejection and wondering if she should give up. Then it went to Rissa who said to me tonight on IM that she is saving Sunday to write fiction so she doesn’t begin to hate writing (now that she writes full time for a living too).

I think that’s the big issue for a writer… keeping your passion.

I see lots of people on content sites, like Associated Content, Helium and such, who started off writing on these sites because they loved to write. These folks were simply tickled pink that someone, anyone, would pay them a few bucks for their writing. Then, as the months roll on, and others start making more, and the writing begins to turn into a job…

… suddenly, they aren’t content with the paltry sums they are receiving, and along the lines, their writing becomes a chore.

Where’s the passion? What happened to that person who used to love to write, and would have written whether anyone paid for it or not? Where is that person who was tickled pink with eyes wide with wonder that anyone would pay them for their writing?

You MUST find that person again. Reconnect to him or her inside of you. Bring back the joy and love of writing again.

If that means taking the time to write only things you want to write, do it. If that means looking at the topics you’ve been writing about and changing it things that bring more joy to you, then do it. If that means writing more fiction, do it!

Don’t let the need and want for money get in the way of the true love of writing. It’s the love of writing that will make you good. A technical writer can be very skilled, grammatically correct, accurate. A journalist can get the facts straight and find good sources.

But it’s the writer with the love of writing, the passion still in them, who will shine heads and moonbeams above writers who write by rote.

If you really want to be successful as a writer, quit worrying about being successful as a writer and get back to the passion.

I sat with my friend Lynn at Joe’s Crab Shack and we talked about how I sometimes wished I was ‘too stupid to know any better’.

I wish I could go back in time and just write and submit and write and submit, and just not care about how many get rejected, rejoice in every one that gets accepted, and just write for the sheer love and joy of writing.

So tell me, if you’re a writer, what is your passion with writing? WHY do you write?

Love and stuff,

PS: Still on vacation in the Galveston area and really enjoying the sun, the pool, the lazy mornings of sleeping late, no kids, the food, the pool, the food, no kids, the food, and of course, the no kids.