Michy's Act of Kindness – Something FREE for You All!

Rissa Watkins, a fellow freelance writer and friend, wrote a very poignant article on Associated Content entitled: Please Honor My Baby on April 20th.

I would like for you all to go read that article. It’s okay. I’ll wait for you to come back here.

Okay, all done?


In that article, Rissa asked everyone to please perform one act of kindness to honor the memory of her baby, so the love can spread.

Today, I thought long and hard about what I wanted my act of kindness to be. Nothing seemed ‘enough’ to me, so I found myself wanting to do lots and lots of little things.

So I did.

The last ‘official’ act of kindness I’m going to do today though is this blog post, where I inform all my blog readers and forum members or any stray writers wandering around the blogosphere who happen upon this blog….

… today, I have decided that for the next quarter of Accentuate Writers Short Story Anthology contests, I am going to give everyone who wants it ONE free entry into the contest. You can choose to use your entry for the themes: Fantasy, Reality, Science Fiction.

If you’re more into poetry than short stories, you can enter two poems for free.

All you have to do to enter for free and use your freebie is send me an email (read the instructions on submissions for the contest at the link above) and say you want your Rissa’s Free Entry to the contest, tell me which theme you’ll write to, and I’ll send you back a number. (One free entry, but you’re welcome to pay for additional ones if you want!)

If you have already paid for stories for this quarter’s themes… you’re welcome to request a Rissa Free Entry for next quarter’s themes.

So there you have it – free contest entry, one per person (or two per poet).

All I ask is that you spread the kindness… oh, and also, read Rissa’s article, and spread the word about it and about the free contest this quarter.

(HUGS) to all, and special ****HUGS**** to Rissa!

Love and stuff,