Unsent Letters Themed Submissions – Religion

Easter, despite the fuzzy bunnies and colorful eggs, is a season of religious faith or lack thereof for Christians, and this season’s spring equinox has just passed, and for our Pagan friends we have Beltane coming up and Passover for our Jewish friends…. I’m sure there are other faiths and religions I am missing here for the spring season.

Spring is known as a time of reflection, freshening, cleaning and rebirth or resurrection.

Unsent Letters would like to feature the most outstanding religious themed letters the week of April 10th – April 17th.

These letters, if accepted, will receive a flat $10 payment and will be posted on the blog with TWO live links to sites of your choice and will be heavily promoted. Some of these letters can still be considered for publication in future Unsent Letters books as well, and might receive book publication offers, but the primary focus will be for the blog.

From now until April 7th, we are seeking religious Unsent Letters. The letter can be to God, a deity of choice, Jesus, a religious leader, a church, an entire denomination or faith, a pastor, minister, Sunday school teacher, the Bible, to your parents about the faith they raised you in, etc.

Be creative, but there must be a ‘religious’ or ’spiritual’ intent behind the letter. No, the letters don’t have to be ‘positive’ or ‘uplifting’, but if you go ‘negative’, please no ‘hate-speech’. Not all letters will be accepted, so give us your best.

In order to ensure these letters are reviewed in a timely manner, send them the same way you would any Unsent Letter, but change the subject line to:


For the rest of the guidelines, see this link:


Hope you’ll submit! Please spread the word!

Love and stuff,