The First 2009 Anthology Short Story Winners Are

This was a very hard competition to judge. The three winners are all very close to each other in the judge’s opinion. The first place story stood out for the fact is was so well-written both grammatically and stylistically, not to mention it’s a good story.

The other two had some minor grammar weaknesses, but the stories were solid.

It was super duper close, particularly with the last two stories. The first place story was… well, technical well done! But….

Before we announce the winners, I want to say I am going to be making an offer to Nancy for her Numbers Parable. I don’t know where I’m going to use it yet, but I loooove that story. The ONLY reason it didn’t win was that the judges felt it didn’t properly incorporate the ‘theme’ for this contest, which was: The Past. Though it was set in the past, that’s about all that encompassed the theme. I simply loved it though! I laughed through the whole thing! Because of this, Nancy will receive an honorable mention, free copy of the anthology and I’ll be making an offer to purchase this story for another book we’ll be doing in the future. Congrats, Nancy and good job!

Now, for the winners of the first anthology short story contest of 2009:


Really ready?

Should I tell you?



First Place: #101 – Second Chance – Lindsay Maddox

Second Place – #14 – Ex Post Facto – Thor Gunnin

Third Place – #39 – We’ve been calling it: Jeremy’s Haven) Jo Brielyn

Congratulations all of you. These were excellent stories by excellent writers!

Those of you not selected as winner, keep in mind that as finalists, you are in the pool of stories that will be chosen if we need additional stories at the end of the anthology quarter. There is still a chance you will get chosen!

short crits on all the stories not selected will be going out before the end of the week.

Congratulations everyone!

Don’t forget, we have two themes running right now: The Present & The Future!

Love and stuff,