Six February Finalists for Accentuate's Short Story Contest!

It just gets harder and harder for our judges to pick winners. Some of these folks just keep getting better and better.

I want to recognize someone here, Derek Odom, for having some exceptional concepts. I have truly enjoyed reading each of his story entries. Unfortunately, grammar and structure is hurting Derek a little bit – the good news on this is that grammar and structure can be learned. Writing a good concept cannot.

I plan to work individually with Derek in the near future, to help him expand his writing. I think he has talent and can go far, and I hope I can help foster that in him. As such, Derek is our Honorable Mention for this contest. He will win an extra copy of the anthology for this theme set, and should we require additional stories at the end of the anthology theme set to fill in space, his will go into the pool for consideration. I am also going to provide a quick edit to his story, because I want him to see where he’s falling short. If he can learn and fix those issues, I think he is a winner in the making.

Now, the finalists…

In absolutely no particular, completely random order (promise, I actually drew straws to make it random!) I give you the six finalists to the first 2009 Accentuate Writers Short Story Anthology Contest!

Drum roll………………………………….

  • Jo Brielyn #39
  • Thor Gunnin #14
  • Andi Caldwell #500
  • Lindsay Maddox #101
  • Nancy Gibson #99
  • Angel Sharum #30

Congrats to these talented writers who are moving on to the finals round of judging. I have no idea when we’ll have the results, because we are doing new judges for this round, with one common judge, so it’ll be soon, but not sure the exact day. I’m hoping before the end of the week.

To everyone who entered, remember, you receive one free copy of the book per entry so you never walk away from the contest empty handed. Everyone who enters is a winner with Accentuate! I’ll be sending out brief crits next month to each winner who did not place in the finals, so you can improve your writing and hopefully be among the finalists next time!

Our current theme for the contest is: The Present

You can see more about the Accentuate Writers Contests here. For the current themes and submission deadlines, click here.

Looking forward to an intense contest next round! Best of luck to everyone who enters.

Congratulations to the finalists!

Love and stuff,