Just Some Writing Tips Articles

Writing Tips: Proper use of possessives and contractions

Freelance writing: Editing and formatting a magazine article

Web design tips: Tips for formatting text

Networking: Why writers need other writers

Determining how much to charge as a freelance writer

A guide to copy editing and proofreading

Using keyword density to optimize traffic to your web articles

Writing articles as an affordable Internet marketing method

How to get kids excited about writing

The importance of editing

Writer’s craft: Active and passive voices

What are weasel words?

Freelance writing: Advice and encouragement

An informative guide to Google PageRank

How to create interesting characters

Getting over writer’s block

Easy-to-read poetry: How to write a good poem

Why you should not steal royalty free images for your articles

Tips for successful online writing

Commonly misused words

The art of punctuation: Exclamation Points

Search engine optimization (SEO): A copywriter’s guide for keywording articles

Freelance opportunities and choice

Freelancing online

The realities of being a writer
Who Owns Blog Comments?
Blogs are more common now than ever before, and the legal arena is having to

Passive Voice: Linking Verbs and Wordiness
Passive voice is not just using ‘ing’ words and linking verbs. Learn what passive voice really is and how to remove it from your writing, making your writing stronger and more concise.

What Are Weasel Words?
Weasel words are a way for a writer, commentator or speaker to slip personal opinion into what is being said, and to do it in such a way that it sounds credible, even if, and sometimes especially if, the information is not verifiable. Do you use weasel words?

Publishing and the Internet: How the Internet is Changing the Face of Publishing
First it was the music industry, then it was television, and the next big thing to change in entertainment because of the Internet is bound to be the publishing industry.

Understanding Copyrights: Frequently Asked Questions
As a writer, understanding copyrights is important, especially in this digital electronic age, when things on the internet are so easy to just copy and paste. Do you know what a copyright is and what it means to you?

Ten Tips to Break into Freelance Writing
Working from home, sitting at a computer, doing what you love to do the most – write – and getting paid for it. Sound like a dream? It can be, for some people, but if you don’t treat it like the job that it is, it can be a real nightmare too.

Secrets to Success on Associated Content
As of the time of this writing, I have been an Associated Content – Content Producer for a few weeks short of one year. Read more about how I’ve been successful on AC.

Accidental Keyword Optimization and Latent Semantic Indexing
There’s been a buzz going around about Latent Semantic Indexing in the web copy and content world. This article explores how to use LSI to your benefit.

Freelance Writing for Paid by View Websites
The freelance writing business model is changing and if you want to be a freelance writer, you have to change with it. This article looks at page view payment and ad revenue payment sites as a freelance writing career option.

How Do Freelance Bid Sites Work?
Many people would like to break into freelance projects, either as extra income or to build a self employed business, but they don’t know how to break into the market. Freelance bid sites might help a freelancer get a foot in the freelance door.

Optimize Your Search Engine Rankings for Articles
Search engine optimization doesn’t end with just using good keywords and keyword density – ‘on page’ techniques. In fact, you can increase your page views and search engine placement by using a variety of ‘off page’ techniques. This article explores how to do that.

Using Exclamation Points in Professional Writing
How many times have you seen this: ?! This is not acceptable in professional writing. This article explores how and when to use and not to use exclamation points in writing.

Commonly Misused Words in Writing: Principle/Principal – Two/To/Too – Your/You’re
The second installment of Michelle L Devon’s Commonly Misused Words series explores the proper use of the words: Principle vs principal, two vs to vs too, and your vs you’re. Enjoy!

Confessions of a Writer: The Ugly Truth About Being a Writer
Michelle L Devon is a writer… and that phrase usually catches people’s attention as a glamorous and exciting career, but is it? Ms. Devon reveals the ugly truth behind writing novels and dispels the myth of glamor surrounding the profession.

Commonly Misused Words in Writing
Learning proper grammar isn’t nearly as important as learning how to use certain words properly. This article explores three of the most commonly misused sets of words in the English language to help you improve your writing.

Five Tips For Freelance Writers
If you’re a freelance writer, Ms. Devon’s article might help you come up with some ideas for new articles. Enjoy!

How to Write a Good Poem
Poetry writing is a very emotional style of writing, because poetry is all about visual imagery of emotions. Do you know how to write a good poem?

Writing for the Masses
Ms. Devon’s opinion about how writers should handle writing about controversial subjects.

The Importance of Paragraph Breaks When Writing Web Content Articles
Learning how to properly use paragraphs in your web articles and other web content will make your writing easier to read, more attractive, and help it make better sense. Read more to find out how to properly use paragraphs in your writing.

Registered and Non-Registered Copyrights
A lot of people do not understand what copyright protection is and how it can benefit their writing, even something as simple as blog posts. Yes, blog posts are copyright protected, they just are not copyright registered. Read more to find out more…

Articles for Promoting Your Website
Quality content articles really help with search engine placement and branding across the internet. This article explores the positives of promoting your website through quality content articles.

Writing and Grammar – Dates
Is it the ’80s or the 80s? Everywhere you look, you see articles and writings on the internet with dates used improperly. Read this article for some information about how to properly denote dates in your writing.

How to Utilize Keywords and Keyword Density
As an article or web content writer, you should understand the importance of keyword density and search engine optimization. Read this article to find out more.

How to Promote Your Articles on Associated Content
Just my suggestions for ways I go about promoting my content on Associated Content. I hope this helps someone out there!

How to Prepare for NaNoWriMo
It’s that time of year – NaNoWriMo Time! What is NaNoWriMo? Read this article find out more!

Ten Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block!
A 10 point article on ways to overcome writer’s block. When a writer gets ‘stuck’ and cannot write, this article provides tips for getting ‘unstuck’ and letting the writing flow.

Posting on Associated Content
Just a short story about some of my experiences on posting information and articles on Associated Content.

Teen Writing Contests
Information about a small trade publisher who is offering contests in writing and illustrating, with no entry fees, for the teen and young adult age groups. Scholarship and royalty contracts are awarded as prizes.

Writing and Networking: Both Essential to Your Writing Career
Read this article to learn how network can boost your writing career. Also find a link to a free writer’s forum to join and begin your networking right away!

Writing Contests for Kids
An article about some ideas for kids to pump up their creativity and maybe win some scholarship money or become published as an illustrator and writer!

Professional Editing: Why Professional Editing is Necessary for Writers
An article providing a list of reasons why professional and freelance writers, as well as authors and novelists, might want to consider hiring professional editing services before trying to sell their work.

How to Develop Characters When Writing a Novel
When writing a novel, developing a well-rounded, whole character is a challenge many authors face. Read more to learn a bit about writing and developing believable characters who have a life beyond the pages of your books.