2008 Final Short Story Contest Finalists Announced!

Well, my forum members have been waiting, no so patiently tonight, for me to announce the finalist. I have to apologize for the late announcement, but I pretty much blew off the entire day to – sleep – yes, sleep.

Darned meds.

But I’m here now, and we’ve sat around the IM conference tonight and we’ve narrowed the finalists down to 8… yes, EIGHT finalists.

We’ve also determined the honorable mentions, for the final announcements, but those won’t be until later this week.

Oh, later this week? Yes, the winners and honorable mentions will be announced on Friday.

For now, here are our finalists for the very last short story anthology contest for Accentuate Writers for 2008.

drum roll please……..

In no particular order:

7789 – Lucinda Gunnin

0078 – Eric Patterson

622 – Penny Molinario

692 – Susan Sosbe

703 – Lindsay Maddox

772 – Tanya Katerina Noegel

3008 – Andi Caldwell

9990 – Daniel Thrasher

Yes, I know I told the judges to limit it to seven finalists, but they are as stubborn as I am, and we ended up with 8.

I will come back and fill in the names in a little bit, but you should know your own number. If you want to cross reference, here’s the semi-finalists announcement.

Congratulations to everyone who made it this far and to those moving on.

The winners will be announced on this blog on FRIDAY of this week. Yes, you read that right – Friday.

Good luck to the lucky eight!

ETA: Names have been added! Links coming soon!

Love and stuff,