Editing Schmediting

Do you know, after spending a year writing a book, and tweaking it some as I went along, and editing some while I wrote, I have now finished the book, and all that is left is the need to edit it and perfect the formatting so that I can print it and send it off.

So what do I do?

I put it off.

I simply do not want to edit this. I’ve spent a year writing it; I should be done now. I don’t want to see the book again. blech.

I know I have to finish editing it though. I wrote the last part of it so fast that I really didn’t check for typos and things. Also, there was a slight change from the anticipated ending to the ending I actually wrote – making it much better – and that change requires me to go back and change a couple of small things inside the story too. I’ve made notes, but I just need to do it.

Anyone have some motivation to make me WANT to edit this thing?



Love and stuff,