How Does Your Mood Change Your Writing?

I’ve had a few rough days, emotionally speaking, and so I’ve been in sort of a bad mood, and I try not to post when I’m in a really bad mood, because I say things I don’t really feel. It was nothing major. I’m usually pretty positive and upbeat about things, but every rare once in awhile, I’ll get in a funk. So if you’re wondering why I haven’t updated the last couple of days, that’s why. Sowwy!

I’m in a much better mood now. Got to spend some time with a very special friend of mine, went out to have sushi – I’ve found it’s nearly impossible to be in a bad mood while eating sushi. Of course, a little (read: a lot) of sake wine doesn’t hurt either.

But as far as bad moods go, I’ve found when I’m in a bad mood, my writing usually suffers from it too.

Well, except for poetry. When I’m really powerfully feeling emotion–anger, frustration, sadness–and especially when it’s overwhelming feeling, I write some of my best poetry. When I’m happy and life goes along great, poetry is usually not something I put energy into, but my other writing seems to flourish.

Anyway, I’m babbling a bit, but I was thinking about what someone on the forum said the other day about people who don’t have to write for a living being lucky. I read it and I get where she was coming from. Her point of view is that when you take what you love and make it your job, it’s no longer what you love. She said she has to schedule herself a day off from writing.

I was thinking to myself… a day without writing? I think I’d rather go a day without eating, breathing or sleeping. Okay, so maybe I do sometimes go a day without writing anything down on paper or the computer, but always in my head, I am writing. It’s rare though that I miss a day of writing.

But my mood does affect how I write, what I write, and how good what I write really is.

How many of you write based on how you feel? At least, I guess, fiction writing…. maybe nonfiction too. I mean, when I read something that really pisses me off, sometimes it sets me off to writing a passionate opinion piece. Sometimes I’ll read something that makes me laugh or makes me sad and I’ll blog about it.

How much do your moods affect your writing? I think emotion and mood has an effect on writing more than just about any other kind of job. I mean, when I worked in accounting, being in a bad mood or being sad really didn’t affect my ability to crunch numbers all that much. Yet, being in a bad mood can really set the tone in my writing big time.

Anyway, just some observations about mood and writing and how closely the two seem to be tied at times. Your thoughts?

Love and stuff,