Why I Love Our Writers Forum

If you want to know what it is about my writers forum that I love so much, all you have to do is go to this thread:


And read…

You see, the semi-finals are today for our last anthology short story contest of the year, with the $300 prize for first place, and folks are anxious to see if their stories are moving on to the next round of judging.

In the meantime, they burn up bandwidth and we all laugh and have a good time.

I think it’s fun for all and perhaps in small part it helps to soften the blow of those who don’t move forward.

What’s fascinating to me is how I’ve seen so much change in people of the course of these contests this year. Some people who submitted to the first contests have DRASTICALLY improved their submission. The competition gets fiercer with every new contest. I think, in some small way, this is building writers here… the cycle of submission, formatting, editing, creating, waiting, acceptance and rejection, the putting yourself out there in a non-threatening way… all helps prepare you for the process of submitting that really important manuscript — be it an article to a high-paying market or a novel to a publisher or agent — this process of these contests we host on the board helps prepare for that in a fun and exciting way.

I hope if everyone on the board who enters takes one thing away with them from these contests this year and the new and improved contests we’ll e hosting next year, that’s what I hope it is. I hope these contests show them that submitting, waiting, torture, rejection – all are just part of the process, and aren’t life-shattering things.

I hope it gives someone courage to continue to step out of their comfort zones.

I’ll be summarizing and recapping highlights of the 2008 short story contests all through December, getting geared up to announce the first 2009 contest and preparing to publish the first ever Accentuate Writers anthology.

This is exciting stuff… I think I smiled through typing this entire post.

I love our board. As George said today, it is a community, not just a forum. We are a community of writers, bonded together by our common goal, and with a desire to help each other succeed.

I’ve been on lots of writers board in my life… there simply isn’t another out there with this much support and positive energy.

So, while I’m torturing those who entered and making them wait for the results, I just wanted to share that with my readers – most of whom are not board members. Come join us, won’t you? 2009 is going to be a grand year for our little writing community!

We are over 500 strong now and growing….

The semi-finalists are coming in less than an hour!


Love and stuff,