2008 Accentuate Writers Poetry Contest

The Accentuate Writers Anthology will be a trade fiction paperback book, of approximately 400 pages, separated into four or five sections. Between each section, and at the beginning and end of the book, we would like to include filler poetry, around which we will put black and white vector image designs as section breaks, so the poetry will be very highly featured and easy to see by just flipping through the book.

To that end, we have decided to host a poetry contest to determine which of the very best poems and poets on our board will be featured.

We will accept unlimited entries (provided the small entry fee is paid for each one), but we will only be selecting between four to ten poems for the anthology.


1.) The entry fee for the Accentuate Writers Poetry Contest is $1 per poem.

2.) Poems must be original works, never before published in print or on the web, including blogs, personal online journals, or content websites.

3.) Poet must hold all rights to the poem and be able to assign publication rights to Accentuate Services.

4.) Accentuate Services will purchase first North American print publication rights and international (world-wide) first publication electronic and digital rights of all winning poems.

5.) The poet maintains the copyright of the poem, as well as all secondary publication and reprint rights. Six months after publication in the Accentuate Writers anthology, all rights revert back to the poet, and the poem can be published in any other venue of the poet’s choosing.

6.) Multiple poems by the same poet can be chosen. There is no limit to how many poems can win or how many can be submitted.

7.) You must be a registered member of the Accentuate Writers forum. Registration is free and your privacy is respected. Your email will never be shared with anyone for any reason. There is no other personal information required to register.


1.) Accentuate Services will pay all winning poets $10 for each poem used in the anthology.

2.) Poet will receive one author’s copy of the printed anthology for each poem chosen.

3.) Poet will receive an Accentuate Writer’s Poetry Contest winner’s badge with html for including on their website or blog.

4.) Winners will be announced, along with the title of their poem, on Michy’s blogs with a link back to one site of their choice.


1.) Poems should be submitted in MS Word (.doc) or in .RTF format, with one inch margins (1″) on all sides.

2.) Poems should be between five and 40 printed lines in length.

3.) Style, form, rhyming, etc, do not matter. Poet should write their best poetry offering, regardless of style.

4.) Preference is given to poems that meet any of the previous contest themes: ‘Winds of Change’ – ‘Summer Heat’ – ‘Rain’ – ‘Fire and Ice’.

5.) All poems must be titled.

6.) Entry fees can be paid one at a time or in bulk for multiple entries at the rate of $1.00 per poem, and should be paid prior to submitting the poem. An entry number will be emailed to you for each poetry entry fee paid. You can pay your entry fee via PayPal, using a credit or debit card, bank transfer, or PayPal balance by sending the payment to Michelle@accentuateservices.com. Be sure in the subject line of the payment from PayPal you write: 2008 Poetry Contest Entry Fee.

7.) Once you receive your entry number, upload your entry to the following thread:


Please only post entries in the above thread.

For discussion about the contest, you can chat about it in this thread:


Good luck to all who enter!

If you have any questions, ask them here!

Love and stuff,