A Challenge to Fledgling Freelance Writers!

On the writers forum, there’s been a lot of talk recently about branching out into higher paying markets, print markets and the like.

I know from my stats here on page views that I get a lot more visitors than people who are on my forum, so I decided to do this both on the board and on the blog. I hope you’ll consider joining up and doing this with us if you’re not on the board already, but if you want to do it on your own, that’s okay – you just won’t get the benefit of the free critique and editing from the board.


So, here’s a homework assignment for you all… let’s all do it together, you ladies, you gentlemen, all of you – my challenge to each of you in this thread or on this board who reads this…

1.) go to the paying gigs thread here:

2.) find one thing you want submit to.

3.) if that thing requires a query, write a query… if it requires a submission, write the submission.

4.) go to the critiques and feedback forum here:

password: password

5.) post it and let everyone comment on it to perfect it for you.

6.) submit.

7.) report back to us what happens.

8.) lather, rinse, repeat.

You all have until the end of October to do the first six steps.


If you want to report back here what the results were, great! That could really encourage other writers too, so let’s do it! If not, that’s great too.

The point is, challenge yourself to take one step. Like I told the folks on the board today, not being accepted for publication will not cause you to burst into flames, I swear it!

Let’s do it!

Good luck!

Love and stuff,