Flip Flopping Fiction & Nonfiction

I have to admit, my first love of writing is actually creative nonfiction – personal essays, similar in style to blog posts, only a bit more formal. I call them ‘ramblings’ but they usually have a point to them. Usually. After that, it’s fiction all the way. While I enjoy freelance writing nonfiction articles, it’s not my love or passion. It does, however, at least for now, help pay the bills. For a time, it was my sole source of income and was desperately needed.

Fiction writing for me, doesn’t pay the bills… yet.

It will though, as I pick up speed on these novels I have in the works. My goal was to have two completed, fully edited, ready to go fiction novel manuscripts to take to him, with three more that are very close to ready, before the end of the year.

Wish me luck.

What about you?

What are you writing? Is it fiction that is your passion or do you prefer nonfiction?

There was a time when I used to think EVERY writer preferred writing fiction but they only did nonfiction because they had to pay the bills. I’ve since learned there are a lot of people who prefer nonfiction to fiction. I’ve written a couple of nonfiction books, one for print, and most of the others for ebooks. They require more research than my fiction writing does, for sure. Also, I’ve had to learn how to index, though I hired someone to do indexing on one and the publisher took care of the indexing on my print book.

While I do a decent job with nonfiction writing, I still love fiction. If my fiction writing takes off this year like I’ve planned, I will eventually leave my nonfiction writing behind, saving it for only my blogs. No more freelancing for me. I like the blogs because they help people, make people think, make me think, help me… and they usually are fun too.

What is your absolute favorite thing to write – fiction, nonfiction, novels, shorts, articles, essays, what? I know from my stats on page hits that I get a decent number of people reading here, so why not say hello and let me know your favorite thing to write?

I’m really just rambling today…. pensive, I think.

Off to finish up a novel!

Love and stuff,