Congratulations: Everyone's a Winner!

As my faithful readers know, my writers forum has been hosting a fiction short story contest the last half a year or so, and we are currently in the process of our fourth contest, and the last one for 2008. In 2009, the first Accentuate Writers Anthology will be released as a trade paperback. We’ll be having some contests and giving away free copies as well, so it’s going to be a lot of fun all the way around. Concept cover and pre-order information and book trailer coming in November!

This month, we are offering the biggest prizes yet – $300 bucks for first place, plus $150 for second, $75 for third, and several honorable mentions, some of whom might even get included in the book, even if they don’t place.

That’s what brings me to today’s post. One of the participants in last month’s contest submitted an entry that the judges did not pick to place. However, she also purchased a critique from me on it, and in critiquing it, I decided that the story was good, and that probably the only reason this one didn’t win was because the other entries were just that strong. This past contest really came down to only mere points separating the winners.

So what did I do?

I offered Susan Sosbe, the author of the short story The Darkest Night, a contract and payment for publication in the upcoming anthology. Congratulations to Susan for a strong entry.

I’ll be going through other entries from all the contests we’ve had and if there is room left in the anthology after this round’s winners, I hope to make similar offers to other stories that show merit, but just did not place in the contest. The payment will be minimal, since they didn’t actually win, but they’ll be published in the book, get a small payment and receive free copies, so there’s something!

It just goes to show, everyone on Accentuate Writers can be a winner… we’re all winners, just for taking the chance, trying, pushing past our limits. Those who did this, everyone who enters, will not walk away empty handed. Every person who enters the contest will receive at minimum one free copy of the anthology. The five dollar entry fee is minimal, and for that fee, you are guaranteed a free book.

See, no losers.

And who knows, you might end up being a double winner.

There surprisingly has not been many entries this time around. I expected with the higher prize offers that we’d see more folks entering. That’s good new for you, because, hey, less competition means a better chance at grabbing a cash prize!

Won’t you consider it? There are three more weeks to go on this contest, and you can find all the information on how to enter here:

What could YOU do with an extra $300 bucks right before Christmas, hummm?

I hope to see your entry soon! Good luck to all the participants, and a special congratulations again to all the winners, and of course, to Susan!

Love and stuff,

PS: Stay tuned for a poetry contest coming up!