What Are You Writing Today?

Well, you should be writing up Halloween stuff right now. Last year, I put up a simple Halloween costume article that received over 14,000 page views in less than one month. Totally blew me away! 14,000 in a month!

That same article is currently sitting at about 17,000 page views, and I’m hoping it will bump up some if I repromote it right now around Halloween.

Don’t underestimate the value or re-promoting content that is seasonal. I know you’re going to want to write newer, fresh articles for holidays, but don’t overlook the possibility that a few minutes of promoting some of your older but still timely seasonal stuff can gain you more page views with a minimum amount of work. After all, it’s much easier and faster to spend a couple minutes re-promoting an old holiday article than it is writing a brand new one and then promoting it.

Refresh those old Halloween articles before you write new ones, and when you write new ones, if you can find a way to link back to any Halloween content from last year, do so! Kill two birds with one stone that way.

You also need to be thinking about and writing about and submitting some Thanksgiving stuff already. I personally think it’s a touch too early for Christmas yet, but Thanksgiving is right around the corner once Halloween is past, and it’ll be upon us faster than you think. If you have recipes and full-meal preparation articles to put up, those can be done now, and then in about two to three weeks, you really want to push the Thanksgiving stuff.

Anyway, get your Halloween stuff up now! Page views for holiday stuff if properly promoted and written timely can really boom!

Keep writing!

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Love and stuff,