Profiles Missing Articles

On 09/03/08, my article: Are Colon Cleansers and Detox Drinks Safe? was published, sending out emails to everyone who subscribed to me. Unfortunately, here we are two days later, and the article STILL doesn’t show up on my profile.

This is going to hurt on page views, since some people don’t actually read their emails, but rather pop by looking for new content. By the time the content actually shows up on my page, it will not be ‘new’ anymore, the date will still show the 9/3 publish date, and people just browsing around profiles won’t find it either.

I’m not the only one. At least seven other people have had the problem, and it was addressed in the forums in multiple locations.

AC staff has yet to comment on the reasons or even indicate they are aware there is a problem.

I tried to attend the latest AC Town Hall with Leah, about Custom Content. I was unable to get into the meeting. At least 12 other CPs, either in the forum or through email, indicated they also were not able to get into the meeting. I left a message in the forum on the thread AC created ABOUT the town hall and though that message was MOVED from the General folder to the Town Hall folder (indicating even AC doesn’t like using the folder they created in the ‘new’ forum), no one from AC staff ever responded to that thread. I even made a comment in the thread about the NEXT town hall that I was not answered in the previous thread, and THAT one hasn’t been answered yet either.

“I will not be ignored… Dan.” (cheesey movie reference)

The communication at AC still leaves much to be desired.

I suppose when it comes down to it, the disorganization and lack of communication really are my two biggest complaints about AC.

There are things a person can find to complain about in any venue or content site, that’s for sure. Every person will find their niche, their home, the place they feel most comfortable to use as their playground. At one time, that’s what AC was for me–my playground.

I have to admit, recently, it’s become less fun. The forums feel stilted and negative in tone. The navigation on the ‘improved’ forum is clunky at best and just bad at worst. The little glitches each individually are frustrating, but together, they are downright irritating. Worse than that, they are time consuming. The more time I spend on glitches and problems and complaints and bugs, the less time I have to write, as with most folks on AC, and that only hurts CPs and AC alike.

We see new things coming around the bend when the older things are still not working properly, and that makes many of us feel as though we simply aren’t being heard. I don’t expect perfection, but can’t you at least get the site WORKING before adding new stuff that won’t work too? It’s been three years, ya’ll, and the site has grown so much, but really, ya’ll, it’s time to come out of perpectual beta!

At this point, I’d just like things to work. I don’t care about pretty, fancy, attractive design – it can be plain and simple for all I care, just make it work.

So there’s my AC rant of the week.

It’s not just me though. Check out what BC_Barefoot, also known as theBarefoot, or even better, my friend Randy.

Last note to AC: Please fix the profiles so our articles that SAY they are published actually ARE published.


Love and stuff,