Associated Content Has a Blog

Did you know that?

I knew it a long time ago when I first started at AC, going on my third year now, and then one day it just sorta stopped.

Well, it’s back now!

The AC blog highlights some of the best content, most popular stuff on the site, and what the current trends are. For example, the other day it had stuff about the election coverage and the convention and highlighted a few CPs and then showed where to find all that coverage in one place.

If they keep up with the blog, it’ll be a place I look forward to coming back to to find current AC happening, calls, information, etc.

Over on the left hand corner right now is a little poll asking about why you write for AC. The answers are cool – I won’t give it away – go view it and vote and you’ll see why the majority of your colleagues on AC are writing for AC.

Here’s the link to the blog:

Leave them a comment, talk back, be professional, and enjoy this interaction with AC. I intend to!

Love and stuff,