Little Glitches Abound – What Doesn't Work? – Promoting

Well, today I decided to do a little promotion of my articles. I rarely promote my articles anymore. Once you get to a certain point, when you’ve written keyword dense and interesting articles and you’ve built up a steady readership of regulars too, you go ‘viral’ and really don’t have to promote as much. I’m sure I could increase page views even more if I promoted, but it’s a give and take thing. You have to decide for you where your time is best spent, and mine mostly isn’t on promoting.

But I do like to promote now and again, to get a boost (last month’s page views were down about 10 bucks for me, but then I hadn’t published anything new, soooo…) and also to keep abreast of the means of promotion AC offers so I can answer questions of newer writers on AC about how things work.

Well, today I tried to use the promotion tools that run along the top part of the article, this part

Well, Twitter worked…. but DIGG took me to a blank page that just kept loading… loading… loading…, LinkedIn had no clue what to do with the submission when it got there, Myspace appeared to post it, but when I went to the bulletins, it wasn’t there. Figured there was a delay – an hour later, looking at bulletins I’ve started, still not there…. so it obviously doesn’t work. Facebook works, but where it puts the link is strange.

Anyway, they aren’t bad means of promoting, but it would help if they actually worked the majority of the time.


I like Twitter. I don’t know why I do, but I do. It’s really quite silly, and upon first glance, you might wonder what the heck the point is, but I’m sorta addicted to it for some reason. You can find me here on Twitter if you’re on there.


If you’re a member of my forum, I have another promotion place – usually a few of the folks in the forum will stop by and read your stuff if you post it on my board in the Promote Yourself forum. At the very least, it’s a link back to your work from a PR4 ranked site (I’m hoping for PR5 with the next update!) Anyway, we also allow signatures so you can rotate out your most recent articles. We’re a friendly group of about 300 folks who support, encourage and promote each other to earn more, explore freelancing as a career, try your hand at fiction writing, enter contests and more… please, I have verified paying leads there.


Anyway, I’m still playing around with some of the promotional tools – I really like StumbleUpon. you can install the browser toolbar with the thumbs up/thumbs down and any time you find a webpage you really like, just click the thumbs up. If you find one that really irks you or is full of bad information, you click the thumbs down. Some people use the toolbar to just ‘surf’ for neat stuff, and your articles can come up in their searches bringing new readers, as well as folks being able to see your stuff on your profile there.


I have found that things that get put up for the scrutiny of the DIGGnation will indeed do well on page views. The plus side is more page views, more money, maybe a few more readers. The downside is that DIGGers tend to downrate articles and bury them, because they don’t really like AC all that much. This is due to a handful of folks who use DIGG to spam their articles.

Poetry, fiction, short stories – these don’t belong on DIGG. DIGG is for news, news of the weird, politics, current events… it’s not for creative writing. Don’t put it up unless it specifically will fit one of their categories, or else you’ll be hurting all of us and confirming AC’s bad image that DIGG already has of us.

It is absolutelly imperative if you are going to promote your content on DIGG that you also participate in the DIGGnation – read other DIGGs, DIGG other sites besides JUST your own stuff and JUST Associated Content. Be active, leave comments if the mood strikes you. It’s a social network and you should interact on their terms or else you’re going to be a spammer. They WILL remove your account if they get too many complaints, and they don’t usually even tell you before they do it – you just won’t be able to log in one day.


I like Squidoo well enough but the traffic I get from them is really, really low. The best thing Squidoo lenses are for is link backs and a small trickle of traffic. I make about $5 bucks per month from Squidoo and get a handful of visitors to some of my articles – but I get linkbacks that build PR for the articles on Google, so when you have some spare time, it just might be worth it for you. I tend to forget I even have Squidoo lenses so I might not go there often. If I did something with them more frequently, I might have a higher opinion of Squidoo. My nine lenses can be found here.


I will have nothing to do with HubPages, and they know why too. At one point, I had to threaten legal action to get them to remove my picture and my account. They finally did, but still have never responded to the multiple emails I sent them on the issue. however, some of you might like them. They use AdSense shared revenue, so you can make some money off them, but a properly promoted blog on Blogger will do just as well if not better than HubPages. Also, if all your outbound links go to a single site or source, they have been known to disable your hub, lower your ranking way low, and call you a link farmer. I won’t link to them, but I would be remiss not to at least mention them as a possible promotional source.

Myspace, Facebook, Xanga, Friendster and Other blog/social network venues:

Myspace has bulletins, Facebook has this announcements thing, most others have some means to communicate with ‘all friends’ at once. If you have a lot of friends on Myspace, bulletins DO work to improve page views, as long as you write a capitvating bulletin that doesn’t sound like spam.

I’ve found one way to get people to go read your work is to ask a question about it and ask people for their opinions. People generally like to 1) help 2) give their opinion 3) argue with your opinion. If you can make the reader see the bulletin and think he/she’s doing one of those three things, you’ll get page views.., and probably comments too.

Just FYI though, the bulletin post on the top of the articles doesn’t seem to be posting, so you might want to post it by hand until that works right. If you do, be sure to hyperlink your link or else no one is going to copy and paste. You have to make it as easy as possible for people to just click and read as you can.


Not worth it in my opinion. I got addicted to Mylot awhile back, couple years ago, and really enjoyed answering quesitons and you could add links to your content to answer the question. However, Mylot has really changed since then. Now, there are a lot of folks who don’t speak or write English well at all,
d I’ve been hit on and received more spam in my inbox from there than just about any social site I’ve been on.

Additionally, they’ve made the ‘users’ responsible for determining the ‘quality’ of answers, and all you have to do is piss one person off and they can go through and see with just one click every discussion you’ve been on and click the – minus button to knock your score down.

You can see my Mylot here. YMMV, if you want to check it out. When I was active, I made about 10 bucks per month, but it took hundreds of answers to get there. Now, I’m lucky to make 5 bucks in the last six months.

Anyway, these are just a few places I have tried and I know others use. Everyone’s experience is different, and you’ll find the venues that work best for you if you’re seeking to actively promote your content.

I’m done for now, but I’ll be back with more sometime in the future…LOL

Have a great day!

Love and stuff,