First Round of Judging Completed!

Okay, we have the finalists picked from the first round of judging. We finally, the judges and I, discussed the entries and we have determined that 8 entries will move on to the finals. That’s almost half of the entries.

Man, oh, man, the competition was fierce!

First, I want to congratulate everyone who entered… this was by far the absolute best contest yet. Every entry was stronger than the ones before by the same people and some new writers popped in with some excellent contributions.

I would love to work with everyone and publish all of these, but unfortunately, it wouldn’t be a contest if I did that, now would it?

So, let’s start with the honorable mentions:

Entries #402 (LaurieM), #1102 (Mike), and #239 (Angel) all received honorable mentions and will get a special html badge for their websites that has their honorable mention status on it. All three will also receive a free short-story edit by yours truly, and help finding an appropriate market to which they can submit their stories. Additionally, they will receive one extra copy of the printed anthology when it comes out, for free. (all entries receive one free copy, winner or not.)

Congrats to you three. I’ll come back and fill in the names later, with the appropriate links to their sites that they choose.

Another honorable mention that wrote a wonderful story is entry #440 (gigahound). The problem with #440 had to do with submission guidelines more than the story itself. #440 will receive one extra free copy of the anthology.

Now, for the winners…..

In no particular order whatsoever, promise, completely random:

#112 – Penny Molinario – “Goodbye to Airman Smiley”

114 – Lucinda Gunnin – “The Roommate”

22 – Rissa Watkins – “Wings of Love”

#240 – Steven Thor Gunnin – “Last Caress”

#299 – Tanya K Noegel – “Wild and Intangible”

#347 – George Kramer – “Troy Spencer”

#417 – Susan Sosbe – “The Darkest Night”

#910 – M.Lori Motley – “The Wind in the Thorns”

Congratulations to all of you moving on to the finals. All finalists will receive HTML code for their websites saying they were a finalist (at the end of the contest), and all finalists will receive one additional copy of the anthology book once it is printed.

If you are a finalist, please email Michy immediately with your entry number, the name you would like displayed on the blog, and the link you want your name to go to, as well as the title of your story and I will update the blog accordingly as I receive them.

Again, congratulations to you all.

The finalists’ stories are all going into a new file and will be sent to the fourth judge, and back to the three judges, and will now be scored much more rigorously, so we can get down to who wins!

Amazing entries this time, gang!

Thanks everyone!

Love and stuff,