Contest Ended!

Well, the Accentuate Writers Anthology Contest officially ended last night. I’ll be pulling all the entries from the upload thread this morning and compiling them. Two of the judges can start reading right away, and one will be out of town and won’t return until Monday, so it’ll be Tuesday before she can get to scoring for the finalists. We’ll announce them the first part of next week and the winners will likely be announced on Monday of the following week.

I know the entrants are going to be absolutely insane with impatience….LOL It’s cute, though. I love how excited everyone gets over this little contest!

We ended with 18 entries this time, our highest yet. I hope it keeps growing too!

I’ll start compiling and reading this morning myself, and I’m looking forward to it. For those who follow my blog but not the forums, you probably missed that I narrowly missed being hospitalized – again. There was talk of doing an IV again, and for now, I’m back on some harsh meds, so I am having to work around my medication schedule, since the meds are usually knocking me out.

Those around me are laughing at me, since I’ll doze off mid-sentence, hands still on the keyboard. Talk about dedication, right? LOL

Anyway, I will be back with my post about Helium sometime today. I’m actually waiting to see if I get a response to an email I sent to them before I post much more and then I’ll share.

Thanks to all who entered and congratulations for making it that far – good luck to you all!

Love and stuff,