Winding Down on the July/August Anthology Contest!

Okay, my writing friends, the Accentuate Writers Anthology Contest is just a few hours from ending. We currently have 16 entries, our biggest month yet. I hope we will continue growing every month like we have thus far.

One of the things that is very wonderful for me to see is that some of the writers who submitted decent but weak stories in the first contest have improved their writing and storytelling ability and are real professional contenders in the contest this month, with improvement seen every month.

THAT just warms my heart. People are learning, growing, and having fun – but more than that, they are really putting out professional quality work, and getting better each month. That was, in part, my secondary goal with all this – the pros could win and the non-pros could move up to pro-rank and win too – and then take that on to the other bigger contests, the ones that pay big bucks!

Anyway, the Accentuate contest has exceeded my every dream for it, and it just keeps getting better.

I know after the first book comes out, the contest will likely explode. Once people see the contest and book is for real, the contest will become much more competitive too. I think this is great for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s allowed my founding members of the forum to really stake their claim as those who helped the forum become the awesome place for writers that it is and is continuing to become.

Second, I’m hoping it’s helped give those same writers more confidence to try to branch out and enter future contests and bigger ones outside of the forum.

Third, it gives the writers with less experience a chance to get up to speed before more experienced writers start vying for a spot in the future books.

My hope is, after the first anthology prints, new writers will come in and enter the contest, and make it even more competitive. Also, I’m hoping the sales of the book, profit, will help to offset the prizes and cost of printing, so I can offer the contest without any entry fees at all, for everyone.

So that’s just my ‘transparent’ goals with the forum and the contest. I like letting everyone in on my thought processes and let people make suggestions and such to make the forum and the contests even better.

In January, I’ll be having membership drives for the forum to get new writers to come join us, and will be giving away free copies of the anthology to do so.

It’s time for the winners to start thinking about their bios, finding a good pic to use for their little bios at the end of the book, and start getting excited about the printing of the anthology, because it is just around the corner! I’ve already got Gregg working on the trailer and we are working on bids for the cover art too. It’s so exciting!

So there’s my little update. Tomorrow, I have a bit of a rant about Helium that I’ll share with you guys, so look for that, but in the meantime, check out the contest on the forum and be sure to check back next week for the finalists in the contest!

Love and stuff,

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