Top Ten Reasons to Read Elements of Dimension, by Guest Blogger Lisa Lee Smith

As a big fan of the previous TTM anthologies and the writers who contributed terrific stories and poems for those books, I can’t say enough about how much I’ve enjoyed Elements of Time and Elements of the Soul. However, even I was not fully prepared for the variety of wonders printed inside Elements of Dimension. I encourage everyone and anyone to experience its fantasy, reality and sci-fi themes. Here are just some of the many reasons why you’ll want to get your hands on a copy:

Top Ten Reasons to Read Elements of Dimension


10.  You won’t believe your eyes, and your walls won’t believe their ears. There will be talk! Talk, I tell you!
9.   Where else can you go to dance with Sleestaks?
8.  At last, the satisfaction of knowing teen years are kind of a problem no matter what kind of royal creature you claim to be or how pointy your parents’ ears are.
7.  The possibility of an endless and totally free supply of peanut butter—no coupons necessary. What could be better? Think of all the cookies you could make.
6.  Dreams are the new nightlife. This brings advantages like not having to deal with drunken jerks in a club.
5.  Frozen cows. And no, I’m not talking milkshakes. That’s all I have to say about that. (shudder)
4.  It will be interesting to shop online for an impenetrable helmet now that you’ll be feeling extremely protective of your brain and wary of anyone who might want to use it for their own purposes.
3.  You’ll learn the secret of what’s really Outside. You’ll feel special and you can use it to your advantage. (evil laugh)
2.  It will make you want to select random strangers on the street and scream at them about Thai food.


And #1 reason why you should read Elements of Dimension: Nancy Smith Gibson uses the words “bootie call.”

    I am extremely proud of my fellow writers and honored that my poem, “Dancing with Sleestaks,” was chosen to be published in this newest TTM anthology. Watch out for the flying monkeys, and may you all have the great fun I’ve had reading Elements of Dimension.

    Laughter and liverwurst,
    Lisa Lee Smith


    Just another of Lisa’s many talents are her photos and her garden, which she has shared with me in photos. I have a special project featuring her photographs coming up soon, so stay tuned!


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    Where to purchase your copy of Elements of Dimension:

    Twin Trinity Media, LLC Bookstore


    BAM! (Books-A-Million)

    By request at your local bookstore.