Accentuate Short Story Contest–JEALOUSY Theme Winners

I would have expected more jealousy stories than we received, but I guess writers are perhaps not a jealous lot? We only received 23 stories for this contest, which is pretty low for how many we had been getting. For the next contest theme, LUST, we had quite a few more, but this one sort of fell short.

That doesn’t matter, because the winners were very good stories! The only problem with these stories was the grammar and formatting was inconsistent or lacking, and because of this, we had a hard time trying to narrow down one winner who had both perfect story and perfect grammar. I received one story for this contest that had multiple misspelled words, words that a quick spell check would have caught — I know, I ran one and saw it. One was obviously a typo, having a number in the middle of a word, and that alone wouldn’t have been enough to kill the story in judging, if it had been the only typo. Sadly, it wasn’t.

It does amaze me that people submit stories that are not edited and polished and wonder why they don’t place or win in contests or get picked up by big publishers or agents. The truth is very simple: the majority of submissions don’t adhere to the submission guidelines or do not polish their work. If you can perform these two tasks, you will be shoulders and heads above the competition. Seriously.

That said, the winners of this contest for the JEALOUSY theme were the ones who came out on top, mostly for story, but for grammar and editing as well. If you had a great story but didn’t make the cut, please go back and proof and tweak it and polish it, and maybe you can submit it elsewhere and get it picked up. Please, don’t ask me to crit or edit it, because at this point, I don’t have the time to do it, but please consider putting it up on the critiques and feedback forum on the board and let your peers help you perfect it. It’s always so sad for me to see a good story, a really good story, no make the cut because the writer wasn’t polished or the execution failed. Don’t let that happen to you!

Unfortunately, because of these issues, there will not be any digital downloads from this batch. There will, however, be two stories I will be sending back to authors to ask them to tweak and will then offer digital download packages to them when they make those changes.

All that said, I’d like to congratulate the winners of the Accentuate Short Story Contest JEALOUSY Theme, which will be included in the Expressions series of books to be published in 2011.

Babbette Bones, Bridge Night over the Bridge

~~ A few years back, I read a short story about an older woman, one who used to do crossword puzzles, and as she aged, she had a hard time coming up with certain words. She ended up killing her husband and burying his body in the back yard. While she was shoveling to cover him up, she was doing a running commentary to the reader, and she got stuck on a certain word she couldn’t remember. I wish I could find this story again, because I loved it. For some reason, though the events were not the same in this story, it reminded me of that story. In a good way! This is both sort of morbid but funny all at the same time.

Shoe Envy, L.A. Porter

~~ I wasn’t very far into this story when I laughed out loud about red shoes. Seriously. Red shoes. I guess the judges must have laughed too, because here it is, our latest story for the new anthology.

Editor’s Pick goes to:  Alone, as Always, by Jenny Corvette — This one cannot win because it was previously published, but I’d like to consider inlcuding it as an editor’s choice, provided we can ascertain the original publisher and ensure a reversion letter is available for it. If so, this is a great story that would have had a chance of winning had it not been previously published.

And the winner, the story that will take first place and the author who will get their name on the front cover of the anthology is….

Decay, by Jenny Corvette

Congratulations, Jenny! And congratulations to all the authors!

Now, for our poets for this theme, we have:


Dark-lashed Girls, by Carol Ayer

Wasted Fire, by Laurie Darroch-Meekis

Lost in Fog, by Saoirse O’Mara

Ashes, by Lisa Lee Smith

Pangs, by Lisa Lee Smith

Thank you again to all who entered and who have been patient in waiting for these results! I’m sorry it took me so long to get to them. Tomorrow, we will have the winners of the next contest theme, so stay tuned for more winning writers and short stories!

Congrats again!

Love and stuff,