Elements of Dimension Poetry Selections

Wow, you guys – this got promoted on FB and sent to Rissa’s critique group, and we got so many poems it was unreal! I wish this many had submitted to the contest originally!

It was such a hard choice, and I didn’t have judges to help me this time, so I had to use a lot of things to consider, such as how much room we had and how much the poems matched the stories in the book. Please, if I did not pick your poem, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good – it just means it was not a good fit for THIS anthology. For example, Jo’s didn’t get picked, but I would consider it most definitely for the end-of-year poetry book I want to do.

So with that said, here are the winners of the poetry submissions that will be included in Elements of Dimension!

Congratulations to:

Dancing with Sleestaks, by Lisa Lee Smith (While this is a great poem about nightmares of sorts, it was really the monkey reference… I just read somewhere that those monkeys still scare grownups today! lol)

To Harriet, by Angee M Stonehouse – With the footnote – what a neat story this poem tells! The footnote will be added in italics at the beginning of the poem though, instead of the end, because I think it’s important to the true understanding of the poem. Excellent.

The Tale of the Suburban Dungeon, by M. Lori Motley (the line about teenagers who will never have sex made me spit orange juice! This was awesome!)

Astral Voyeur, By Robert L. Arend – Very touching and sad. On another note, this has potential for an interesting sci-fi novel, Robert… don’t you think? I keep wondering when you’re going to announce that you’re writing one. I think with the right idea and concept, you could rock it. You ought to consider NaNoWriMo with us all in November.

I Miss You, by Derek Odom – I like the twist most won’t expect. Who knew Derek wrote poetry? I really liked this, Derek, and that it comes from you and knowing your writing, it was both expected and a surprise at the same time.

Re-composition, By John Morrison – Pretty! I am not entirely certain I understood it the way it was intended, but I was emotionally touched by it.

Mirror World, by Charlene Key. I can relate. I soooo can relate.

THANK YOU! to everyone who submitted. I really appreciate your submissions and enjoyed the honor you’ve given me to read them. All of these poems, even the ones not selected for THIS book, will be put in the hard-cover special edition I’m doing at the end of the year (might be the beginning of the new year, not sure…) The collection doesn’t care if it’s been published before or not, so if you want to submit these poems elsewhere or put them on your blogs, sites, etc, that’s okay, because we’ll still consider them for the book even if it’s previously published, as long as you still retain the rights to it to do so.

These poems are added to the book in addition to the ones that originally won the contest. Those poems and poets are:

  • Into Faerieland, by Laurie Darroch-Meekis
  • Spies and Starship Captains, by Andi Caldwell
  • Imp, by Lucinda Gunnin
  • Past Realities, by Laurie Darroch-Meekis
  • The River of Time, by Andi Caldwell
  • The Call, by Bobbi Leder
  • Imagination, by Nancy Gibson

Our featured poet with front cover billing is: Andi Caldwell!

Congratulations to the winners!

Love and stuff,