Ms. Snark – I Can't Believe I Forgot Her!

For over a year, I read everything this literary agent wrote. She is, of course, incognito, to a point, but we know she is a big-time agent, and on her blog she has offered advice, in her trademarked snarky manner but the information is invaluable!

If you want to get published with a REAL publisher and are looking for a REAL agent, this blog gives you everything you need to know!

The blog is ‘dark’ now, meaning she no longer actively updates it, but it is a wealth of information that is timeless… you could spends days, literally, pouring through all her advice.

The blog went dark because, as Ms. Snark said, she was simply regurgitating the same things over and over, so now, people can search the archives for whatever they want to know.

Give her a read!

It’s well worth the time.

Love and stuff,