Accentuate Writers Short Story Contest Finalists

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for entering our first ever short story contest. We didn’t get a huge number of entries this time, only 14, but I think that’s a good start for a first-time contest.

I hope we will continue to increase the entries and also increase the prizes as we go along!

Okay, without further ado – below are the numbers of the short stories that will be judged in the final judging of our first short story contest, in no particular order:


These six entries are moving forward to the final judging. They were determined by a combination of adherence to the guidelines, grammar, spelling and style, as well as the compelling-ness of the story, the fullness of the plot, and then the judge’s personal opinions as well – scored were given, and each of these stories scored high enough to move on to the final round of judging for which three of these stories will be selected as the winners and two of them will receive honorable mentions.

Please match the number to your entry and you will know if your story is moving on to the final judging.

Thank you everyone who has entered – so far, the judges have been very complimentary of your entries!

I wanted to make one note, I have not yet read any of the entries. I am one of the final judges, sorta. So I will be reading them all over the next couple of days, and making my decision and then matching that to three (yes, I added a judge!) other judges, who know you only by your number. The first round judges reviewed the entries and found the majority of them did not adhere to the submission guidelines.

They only disqualified one entry for failing to adhere to the theme, but next time, any entry that doesn’t follow the guidelines will NOT be read!

If there’s one lesson all of you can take from this it is this:


Read my blog post about this here:

MOST of the entries did not have the entry number on the document or in the title or the file name of the document – how is the entry to be judged without it? This was in the submission guidelines to put it at the top of the document. While I did not disqualify anyone for this particular oversight, since the majority didn’t do it, I wanted to point out that in a big contest with hundreds of entries, something like this would kick you out of the running before anyone ever reads your story.

After the final round of judging, I’ll be emailing everyone who entered the eBook version of my very first book, In a Perfect World, as a thank you for entering the contest!

I’ll also send a short assessment of your story from the judges to each and every one of the 14 who entered, and then award the prizes to those who win.

Good luck to the six writers listed above who are moving on to the finals.

Winners will be announced on or before May 25th.

Our next contest starts on May 15th, and I will post the information for it then, along with a surprise of sorts from the Accentuate Writers forum management (hey, that’s me!)

Ya’ll have a great day!

Love and stuff,