Accentuate Short Story Contest Winners: ANGER THEME

I know the results for the contest are way behind when I should have posted them, and I really apologize for that. Some of you are aware of what has happened and some aren’t.

Future contests won’t be so delayed! Promise!

Now, the results of the ANGER THEME contest! (I apologize for taking up so much at the beginning of the blog for myself! This contest is about all of you!)


We’ll start with the poems. As word of the contest spreads, we are getting more poetry contest entries than ever before. I used to give a spot to all the poems that were well-written, since we had so few entries – so if the judges liked them, they all were included. Unfortunately and fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we are now receiving way too many poetry submissions to give all worthy poems a place in the book. The poems that we’re having to decline are good poems, most of them, and are worthy of inclusion, but because of the limited space and the contest format, we have to be more selective. Therefore, major congratulations to the following poems and poets (in no particular order):

  • Rape of the Daffodils, Carol Ayer
  • Darlking, by Laurie Darroch-Meekis
  • The Other Cheek, by Laurie Darroch-Meekis
  • In a Rage, by Camden Eastman
  • Angriality, by Camden Eastman
  • A Pot of Water, Camden Eastman
  • All the Rage, by Lisa Lee Smith
  • Anger, I Curse Thee!, by W. Ned Livingston
  • Digital Lament, by Joan H. Young


As many of you have read, we are going to start offering short story digital downloads on the TTM website. These digital download stories are offered to short story writers who had compelling and interesting stories, but perhaps their writing mechanics needed a bit of help or the ending might have fallen flat, or maybe one of the characters wasn’t consistent — the point is, the story was great, but it needs a little help. Well, our new Associate Editor, Jennifer Walker, will be working with these talented authors to fix those minor errors and we will then sell these awesome stories as digital downloads where we share the profit with the writer. Writers aren’t under any obligation to accept the digital contract. More information will be sent to these writers when we are ready to prepare them for the site. Congratulations to:

  • Anger, by Cathy Graham
  • Toby and Harry, by Joan H. Young
  • Pickled Eggs and Cats’ Eyes, by Lisa Lee Smith
  • Beyond the Street, by Melinda Murray

Now, on to the winners who will win cash prizes, free copies of the book they will appear in, and a publishing contract for inclusion in the Expressions anthology. The three winners are: DRUM ROLL!

Untethered, by Elizabeth Grace — in this story, we learn of one of the things that can tie a woman down, and an unexpected way to break those ties. Untethered leaves us glad and appalled for the ending all at the same time.

Deadbeats, by Robert Arend–this story very clearly uses the theme of Anger. There is anger in nearly every word of this story from the language chosen to convey messages to the internal dialogue of the main character to the anger the recipients of the main character’s anger reflected back. If you’ve ever had a rude bill collector call you up on the phone at a bad time, this is a story you’ll definitely want to read.

Julie, by Margaret Staab–I’m not sure if Julie is the name the author wanted to use for this story, but the title really doesn’t do justice to the way the story plays out. This is a story that starts off with the reader saying, “What the heck is going on here….” to a nodding, “Ah, okay, I get it now…” at the end. While I personally wish there could have been a more conclusive ending, I think that’s just a personal preference. The openendedness of this story fits perfectly with the reality of the storyline, and I found myself saying, “Serves her right.” Of course, I wouldn’t ever wish this on someone… but you’ll just have to buy a copy of the book when it comes out to know what I mean!

Congratulations to these three talented authors for securing a spot in our upcoming Expressions anthology. Well-deserved wins!

Now, for the first place winner!

I have watched this author take on writing and just run with it. He busts out articles and web content for a living and has been diligently perfecting and learning his craft. I have loved every story he has written that I have read and I dare say the only reason he hasn’t won one of our contests yet was simply grammatical and mechanical errors – it’s never been about his storylines or plots. This man is a talented author with a very unique voice.

That is why it is a complete joy and honor to finally offer a unanimously selected by the judges first place win to:



If you’ve ever written a letter to an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend out of anger, this story will not only ring true to you, but you will likely see yourself in this writing. I and all of the judges agreed, this entry was very realistic. What makes it very funny to me is that the story was written in first person, from a female’s point of view, and yet, the judges all told me that they knew the author had written this from personal experience. I was the only one to know the entry was from a man! That’s how compelling and realistically written this entry was.

Great job, Derek! I’m very honored to give you a coveted spot in the anthology with front-cover billing! Way to go!

Okay, the pain is creeping back in and I need to take some pills before it overcomes me and I’m in tears again. Be sure to congratulate all these authors because they have done an awesome job. Thank you so much to everyone who entered and extra big thank yous for your patience during the delays.

Keep writing! The next announcement for the Sorrow contest comes next week, and our current contest themes can be found here. Good luck to all who enter!

Love and ouchy stuff,