Short Story Contest Winners: Endless Love Theme

I’m happy to report the Endless Love theme has much better entries than the other lovey-themed contests we’ve done. I swear, you writers are a morose lot, and happy love was hard for you guys, but the sad endless love themed stories were stronger and better than the other love themes. This is good news! Because of this, we have several winners this time too! I’m very excited to announce these winners, but before I do, I need to go back and announce the winners for the poetry portion of the BIRTH/LIFE/DEATH themes.

If you’ve already received notification that you were a winner, you aren’t included here, but some of the other poetry winners didn’t get a place yet, so I am placing them now. The winners for the poetry contest for the BIRTH/LIFE/DEATH themes are:

  • Rest in Peace, by Jo Brielyn
  • Untitled #3, by Jo Brielyn
  • Dream Dancers, by Lucinda Gunnin
  • Late Night Walk, by Lisa Lee Smith
  • Old Photographs, by Lisa Lee Smith
  • One Soul Quivering, by Lisa Lee Smith

Congratulations to these fine poets!


Speaking of poets, let’s start with the poetry winners of the ENDLESS LOVE theme for the Expressions of Love anthology due out in 2012. Congratulations go out to:

  • Freed Spirits, Lisa Lee Smith
  • Circle, by Laurie Darroch-Meekis
  • For All Endless Time, by Donna Thacker
  • She is There, by Camden Eastman

Excellent job on these poems! You’ll grace the pages of the Expressions of Love anthology, between the stories, adding to the literary value of this excellent compillation.


Next are the short story winners. We’ll start first with the stories that aren’t included in the anthology but which will receive digital download contracts. Remember, starting the middle of next month. Twin Trinity Media will be offering digital download short stories for .59 cents to $5.99 (depending on length and the agreed upon contract with the author) on our website, and we will be promoting these authors and sharing in the profit of the sales. The winners of a digital download contract, which they are under no obligation to accept, are:

  • Rooster Man, by John Morrison
  • The Weaver, by Camden Eastman
  • Messenger Pigeon, by Neckinger Nell


The editor’s choice will receive a small stipend payment plus a royalty contract, two free copies of the book in which the story will appear, and other benefits and prizes. This story won editor’s choice because of it’s creative use of the theme. I loved what ‘endless love’ was in this one, which was nothing like the way any other writer used the theme – great job on that!

  • Endless Love, by Cathy Graham


The following stories will all be included in the anthology as winners of the short story contest, will receive two free copies of the book in which their story appears (per story) and will win a $50 cash prize, a royalty contract, and get reduced rates for buying author copies of the book (if they so choose). There are other merchandise prizes too. Congratulations goes out to the following stories and authors:

  • Dancing in the Rain, by TaTa (need a realistic sounding pen name, but this will do for now)
  • Two Rockers, by Robert Arend
  • Into Pieces, by Pamela Caves
  • Twilight Seeds, by Laurie Darroch-Meekis

Next is our first place winner, who will get billing on the front cover of the Expressions of Love anthology as well as $100 cash prize, five free copies of the book and other prizes, including a royalty contract. Congratulations goes out to:


Love Eternal, by Melina Lowry

Way to go!

I appreciate everyone who has entered the contests this time around. These were fun to read! I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future. If you haven’t entered our contests yet, there’s no entry fee, no purchase necessary, and you might win cash and a publishing contract. What are you waiting for? Just click here to read more.

Keep writing!

Love and stuff,