6-Word Story Challenge Contest

Last month on my forum, I held a 6-word Story contest, along the same lines as Wired’s 6-Word Story contest.

The rules were simple: tell a complete story in six words.

Over on the right, you will see the finalists of this contest.

Now it’s YOUR turn to decide the winner. Here is how voting will be handled for the contest:

On the forum, you can only vote ONE TIME. All votes here on the forum poll will count as three credits for that entry.

On the blog, you should only be able to vote one time unless you clear cookies and then you can vote more than once. I’d like to ask no one do this and only vote one time. All votes on the blog will count as two credits for that entry.

I will also be taking votes via email. You can email your first, second and third choice – IN ADDITION to the poll votes here and on the forum. All first choice nominations via email will get two credits and all second and third choices will get one credit. I will only take email votes one time from one email address. You can send your vote to michelle@accentuateservices.com – be sure to put 6-Word Challenge Vote in the subject line and then list your 1) 2) and 3) choices.

At the end of the voting period (which can end at any time, unannounced, but will be for at least two weeks but not more than a month), we will tabulate all credits each entry has received, and will then announce a first, second and third place winner.

There will be prizes for all three winners…. I’ll post more about the prizes later.

Winners will be announced both on the forum and on the blog first, and then we will email the winners directly.

I ask when voting that you consider several things:

1) this was a contest, and as with any contest, the writer should have given their best effort. Things like grammar, spelling, punctuation – take those into consideration too.

2) choose the entry you think tells the best ‘story’.

3) try NOT to vote for your own entries unless you just absolutely think no one else can possibly have written one as good as yours!

4) feel free to send visitors who are not members of the forum to come to the forum and either register and vote, email and vote, or go to the blog and vote.

5) yes, you can vote on the forum, on the blog, AND via email if you choose.

6) any questions, post them here or on the forum thread – BUT – do not reveal which ‘story’ you wrote and submitted.

Okay – let the voting begin!

Any questions?

Stay tuned for April’s short story forum contest coming this week – this one will have a cash prize!

Love and stuff,