Let's Talk About Book Promotion

One of the most interesting and confusing and boring things (yes, all at the same time) that I’ve ever read about on the internet are topics about book promotion. If you’re not trying to promote a book, then chances are, you don’t give a flying fig about book promotion and therefore, you probably won’t want to read my blog I’m about to write about book promotion. Don’t worry, I write about more interesting stuff most of the time, like this post and this post. If you’re not interested in book promotion, go read those instead.

If, however, you’re interested in book promotion, let’s get to it.


Stay with me to the end of this blog, and I’ll tell you how you can win a free copy of a book – a book that authors might enjoy having, since it’s about how to promote your book. It’s not an e-book, nope. It’s a real, honest-to-goodness hold-in-your hands book. Two, actually, but you’ll have to wait to see at the end.


Promoting a book is probably the one thing most writers who sit down to write a novel never think about until much later, such as when they are trying to sell the book and publishers or agents ask them what their platform or marketing plan is (though admittedly this is more common with nonfiction books right now, don’t be surprised to have someone ask you how you plan to market your fiction!) and if you don’t go with an agent or a publisher and choose to self publish or to go through a vanity press, you’re on your own for book promotion!

Anyone who has tried to sell a book knows, it’s not easy! Publishers spend a lot of money (they can afford to) and a lot of time (they have staff to do it) to build up one author, get the name recognition for the author and sometimes the publisher too, and get those books sold.


They also have the advantage/benefit of offset printing so they can get cheaper made books so that means they can sell them cheaper too, and they have the money and reputation to get good distribution, so they always have ‘in stock’ books with the distributor, and can get books printed in mass quantities (that’s why they are called ‘mass’ paperback when they do the large mass paperback runs: mass quantities!) You self-published authors and those who have gone with smaller presses, you’re probably relying on POD (print on demand) technology. The problem with print on demand publishing is the cost: usually about a 1/4 more expensive than trade paperback from a major publisher and about twice as expensive as mass paperback or more to the consumer/reader.

So when you’re asking a reader to pay more for your book than they usually would for a book that might be smaller in total words than a traditionally published book and might not have the editorial merit of a team of editors on staff to make sure it’s absolutely perfect, or a team of designers with years of experience to give the cover market appeal, or… or… or…

Now, I’m not saying your book isn’t great, or that the editing is sub-par or your cover sucks. Please don’t put those words into my fingertips. What I’m saying is that a LOT (read: most, perhaps?) self-published books fall into this category. Yours could very well be one of the great ones, and there are some great self-published books to be sure. Making yours stand out from those that aren’t and get the attention of a readership is what your book promoting efforts are all about.


Promoting isn’t something reserved only for the small presses or self-published authors. Even the big names and big publishers have to promote, at least until they achieve super stardom status. The more you promote yourself and your book, the more you’re going to sell books, and the more you sell books, the better chance of selling future manuscripts.

Today, I’m going to do a giveaway…. for every person who twitters this blog post and then comes here and leaves a comment, I will give you one entry into a drawing to get a free book on book promotion. If you have a book in print, are going to have one in print soon, or are planning on self publishing some day soon or already have self published, this book will help you learn the ins and outs of promoting your book, frugally.


The giveaway includes one book, by  Penny C. Sansevieri, called Red Hot Internet Publicity: An Insider’s Guide to Promoting Your Book on the Internet!

While this book didn’t really teach me anything I didn’t already know, because I’ve been researching and reading on the internet for several years about how to promote myself, my writing and my books, I’m willing to bet it’ll teach you some things you didn’t know, especially if you’re just getting started. Also, for me, it reminded me of a few things I had forgotten to do, and the way it’s laid out is practical and use-able advice.

The writing is easy to follow, and you can do the things listed in this book even if you have no technical or technology experience, have no sales or marketing experience, and even if you have no internet experience. You’ll learn as you go, and this book will teach it to you.

Included with the giveaway is a booklet too, called Book Promotion Made Easy: Event Planning, Presentation Skills & Product Marketing, by Eric Gelb, MBA, CPA.You can click the links above to see these items on Amazon.com, but I’m about to give away both of them to one lucky person.


Glad you asked!

If you want a chance to win both of these books, all you have to do it TWEET this blog post on Twitter (you can click on the social bookmarking link at the bottom of this post if you want) and then come back here and leave me a comment saying you want to be entered! You can use the comment space below too to put a link to your book for sale, if you have one, so you can get a link to your book – since this post is all about book promotion! Be sure to put your email address in the field here on the comments — no one else will see it, but I can get to it, and if you win, I’ll email you to let you know too.

I will do the drawing and announce the winner here on my blog on Friday, March 19, 2010 at or around 3pm, Central. Be sure to come back then! I’ll also post the winner on Twitter too! You’ll get to hear my voice and see me draw the winner from a random number generator… it’ll be fun.

So get to promoting my blog here, and I’ll enter you to win a book on how to promote yourself and your writing!

Love and stuff,