Contest Deadlines Extended for: The Engagement and The Wedding


The Accentuate Writers Short Story Contests have been amazing… some months I get a lot of submissions and some months only about 15 or so. It’s been interesting to me to see which themes get the most response. For example, the DEATH theme got a ton of responses while the Science Fiction theme, though I thought it might be popular, didn’t get all that many.

The themes that surprised me though were The Engagement and The Wedding. Neither of these themes received enough submissions to host a contest with any real competition. I considered just letting the people who had submitted win, but that’s not the real spirit of competition, neither is it what the AWF contests are about.

So instead, I’ve decided to open up both of these contests and accept additional submissions. IF you have a short story that you would like to write and submit to the themes: The Engagement or The Wedding–now’s the time!

I figured I’d either get more submissions, or I’m going to have to decide the Elements of Love contest is canceled. I don’t really want to do that, since that means canceling the Elements of Love book!

So instead, I’m taking into consideration the fact these two themes were end of year and both around holidays and am hoping the delays and low submissions were because of that.

I’m re-opening the contest until the end March 1. Judging will take place after that and the results will be announced on March 15th!

As compensation for the slow response on this to those who were wonderful enough to get your submissions in on time – any of you who submitting on time — if you do not win, I will be offering you the chance to be published on the digital downloads portion of the TTM books website – where you will earn royalties on the sales of your story – if you choose.

Sorry again for the delay in judging but we want to have a real contest with the very best stories winning and being placed in the book and we can only do that if we have sufficient quality entries to be able to have a real competition – so what are you waiting for? The Engagement and The Wedding – get to writing!

You can read the submission guidelines here:

And don’t forget, you can enter the poetry contest still too for those two themes:

No entry fees, cash prizes, free books and bookmarks and you get published in a trade paperback – what more can a writer ask for? Royalties? you betcha! Send your story for judging today!

Looking forward to reading your submissions!

Love and stuff,

PS: Spread the word. If you have writing friends, tell them to submit!